How to Look Stylish When Working from Home

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By Jacob Maslow

Tired of pulling the whole dress shirt on top, boxers down-below trick? 2020 did a number on all of us, and one sign of the times that has stuck around is the atrocious work-from-home attire that we’ve all just accepted as the norm. The phrase “business up top, party on the bottom” has been used to justify the ole’ gym shorts out of sight of the Zoom camera trick while wearing something professional that’s seen on camera. All the power to you if this works for you, but because studies have shown how much dress can directly impact job performance, many people are considering making a shift to improve their work-from-home dress situation.

We get it, many people only thought their work-from-home situation would last two weeks, and here they are over two years later. If your temporary situation is now more of a permanent one and you’re looking for ways to elevate your work scenario, we’ve got some ideas for you! Let’s be real, the number one thing that people are most interested in when working from home is being comfortable. No one wants to wear tight pants or slacks if they don’t have to. So how do you look stylish and professional while working from home and stay comfortable simultaneously? Here are a few ideas below!

  1. Joggers that look fancier than they are. Did you know there are joggers (which are just glorified sweatpants) that look like dress pants and slacks? This is the ultimate style hack, as there are everyday joggers mens faux slacks that exist out there with elastic waistbands with internal drawstrings for maximum comfort and faux front flys for a more formal look. Complete with a cuffed hem for a polished finish and front and back pockets, these comfy pants turned dress pants have a generous fit that gives the glutes and thighs room to breathe. These joggers are sure to get tons of wear as they are perfect for travel, home, and golf.
  2. Two-piece sets made of airy fabrics. Finding a healthy balance between stylish and comfortable pieces is a great way to achieve a work-life balance. Airy two-piece sets can be a great way to achieve a cute and comfy look. Sets made of linen, silk, cotton, and knits are worth looking into. Whether it’s a bohemian linen look, a chic silk pant, a crisp cotton button-up, or a darling cardigan set, these options are stretchy enough to help you feel yourself but give a more put-together look.
  3. Shirts that are bright or printed. Opt to make a statement where it counts above the waist. Even if your pants are bland, you can still impress your boss, clients, and coworkers by wearing a top that has more of a wow factor. A cobalt blue cardigan, a striped top, an orange-red cashmere, or a top with a fun pattern are sure to guarantee some compliments and leave a more lasting impression about your style choices. Additionally, bright colors look better on camera and help you stand out.
  4. Accessories like jewelry or hair pieces. Accessories are such an easy way to elevate a look. Bold earrings can take a look that was originally a minimal effort look and transform it into a look that is immediately more put together. Whether a statement necklace or a stack of layered necklaces, your outfit immediately becomes more stylish and gives the impression you tried just a little. Similarly, an unwashed hair day can be immediately transformed by a headband. Headbands or hair scarves add a pop of color and can elevate any basic outfit.
  5. Flowy dresses. The modern house dress is the perfect stylish alternative for work-from-home garb. Finding a flowy maxi or midi dress that is airy and allows for movement is a great way to look stylish on a webcam while still being able to curl up in your favorite chair in your home office. The more flowy and long these dresses are, the better as the length and breathability are the keys to finding comfort in the modern house dress.

Getting ready for work is an important ritual that should not be lost in the work-from-home era. Whether it’s in the process of putting on a little makeup or getting dressed in a way that makes you feel like you’re in work mode, choosing to trick your body and mind into the belief that you are ready to work (even if you are in the same place where you rest and relax) can be an important psychological factor to work from home success. Choosing stylish options when working from home can be a direct way to challenge the couch potato with a computer mindset.

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