West Coast Based Tech Founder Kevin Miller Knows the Secrets to Organic SEO

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Marketers on the cutting edge of SEO are proving to be valuable allies for brands competing in the digital marketplace today. Traditional channels of marketing and communication are no match for the sweeping trends of desktop, mobile, and voice-activated search.

In other words, SEO is no longer an optional thing for brands looking to carve out space on the internet, especially companies that do nearly all their sales online through direct-to-consumer business models.

This is exactly where marketing expert Kevin Miller is focused these days: sharing the secrets of organic SEO with his clients and getting them outstanding results in search engine rankings. In turn, this allows brands to build a strong public image, boost trust, and see major growth.

This is how Miller and his team of SEO pros at GR0 are blazing new trails in an industry with lots of big ideas.

Trial and Error

Back in the early days of SEO, websites were engaged in practices that would now be considered certifiably “black hat” in their ethics and mechanics.

Stuffing pages with keywords, buying backlinks left and right, and even using “hidden text” tactics to make websites look better while still getting SEO benefits.

However, Google quickly caught on to these schemes, and they were soon penalized by the powers that be and had to rethink their approach.

So began the Google algorithm as we know it today, and the endless challenge for SEO strategists to piece together best practices one at a time.

“It’s really a pure case of trial and error, and we discover more every year about the best white-hat strategies that actually work,” said Kevin Miller. “That’s the secret hidden in plain sight – follow the guidelines and work within the frameworks that we know are effective.”

Many brands will still attempt to take shortcuts and trick Google for better SEO results, but these efforts are less likely to work every year.

Up on the Trends

While the Google search algorithm isn’t making as many drastic changes as frequently as it once did, there are still many trends to track and react to if brands wish to stay ahead on SEO.

Professionals like Miller are well-versed in deciphering messages and announcements from the top brass at Google – Miller once worked at the company himself, giving him the inside scoop on how things work.

But while it might be one thing to read an announcement from Google about an algorithm update, it’s a whole other skill set to adjust and implement strategic changes.

“You need to see three steps ahead and consider what the ripple effect is going to be for these new policies and rules, even with a minor update,” said Miller. “In addition, we look at updates from other key players like Apple, Facebook, and Twitter that might impact the marketing ecosystem. It’s all a delicate balance.”

For instance, the announcement of iOS 14 came with changes to how much personal information applications could access via the iPhone, putting the emphasis on organic SEO once again.

Seizing Opportunities

Here’s one secret to SEO that Miller is willing to share with the world: it’s not a passive process.

The best SEO strategists don’t just wait for traffic to find them or for a product to take off with basic ads and content creation. They are in constant pursuit of better content, broader networks, more reach, and more brand recognition.

Furthermore, smart SEO is all about making the most of every opportunity, whether that’s a piece of cornerstone content, an influencer marketing campaign, or a mention in a major publication that becomes an overnight sensation.

“People sometimes confuse organic SEO with passive or inactive SEO, but quite the opposite is true,” said Miller. “It may take time to see the effects of our work in search engines and so forth, but it’s always the result of clear and intentional efforts.”

When a brand is first gaining traction on social media and in sales, that’s when organic SEO matters most, establishing a foundation and building trust with audiences.

Miller is also a big proponent of on-page optimization practices which boost webpage performance and allow Google to recognize key elements for search engine results. This is the technical side of SEO that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Quality Always Wins

Nearly every marketer can agree that quality ads, messaging, and communication are all key to successful campaigns, but Miller takes things to the next level by advocating for quality written content as a smart SEO strategy.

There is plenty of evidence to support the effectiveness of quality, long-form content compared to the short and “fluffy” blog articles that once ruled the world of SEO.

“When people conduct searches, Google’s mission is to get them the best possible answer based on keywords, intent, and other factors,” Miller explained. “A 2000-word how-to guide is way more likely to be recommended than a short FAQ or something like this.”

To create quality content for clients, Miller has brought together a team of talented strategists and writers at GR0, his Los Angeles-based SEO agency.

Together, these professionals create a distinctive brand voice, write exhaustively researched content, and fine-tune the pieces until they are a perfect fit for the brand’s website.

The process can be long and challenging, but the outcomes are optimal for SEO results.

“Certain pieces of content are single-handedly responsible for massive spikes in traffic and sales, just because we tapped into the right topic at the right time,” said Miller. “The articles are well written and offer real value to readers, which is so vital to SEO success.”

With analytics, smart tactics, and a wealth of experience to draw from, content strategy is no longer a roll of the dice.

A One-Stop Shop

Offering quality written content, performance PR services, and on-page optimization, GR0 is doing everything a true organic SEO agency should. Miller, the Co-Founder and CEO of the company, will continue to make waves in the industry and always be ahead of the next trend.


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