Understanding NBA Picks

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By Jacob Maslow

Making an NBA pick can be difficult for those who have not done it before. In the beginning, there is plenty of work and studying to do, but anyone can do it!

Read on to understand what you need to know to make your first NBA Pick.

The World of Sports Betting

From hobbyist to professional sports betting has been a big deal for a long time. Because it is a developed industry, there is a lot to learn if you get into it. But that is what makes it such a fun hobby, especially for those who love watching sports. So you might as well take that knowledge and try to make some money with it.

Understand the Different Bets

Before you make your first NBA pick, you should take some time to study the different types of bets that are available before and during any given game. These include Moneyline, totals, point spread, future, prop, parlay, and teasers.


Moneyline is often referenced as the simplest type of wager you can place. All you have to do is choose who you think will win or lose the game. The only catch is that the odds are not often 50:50. Instead, one team will most likely be statistically better at any given game, causing the odds to tilt slightly in their favor.

Over/Under (Totals)

For totals or over/under bets, the sportsbook sets a certain amount that they believe the total score from both teams will come out to be. It is then up to you to determine if you think the total will be over or under the total set. Many people enjoy this type of pick because it eliminates a winner’s choice. Just know your stats on each team if you want to go this route.

Point Spread

The point spread is overarchingly the most popular form of wager in the NBA. Since each game has a favored winner, the sportsbooks set a spread that shows you what odds you are working with. If there is a large spread, the favored team has to beat the other team by several points. Therefore, it is best to stick with games that have smaller spreads in most cases. Plus, they are typically more attractive.


Future bets are only placed on games or events happening well into the future. This included games like the playoffs, bowl games, and, of course, the super bowl. It can also include other things like who will win the MVP, get the most throwing yards in a season, etc.

In most cases, these bets must be placed before the season starts. So, be sure to make your pick before it is too late.


Proposition bets place your focus on in-game statistics rather than winners, losers, and overall scores. If you are someone who loves following each player’s stats as games progress, then this is the perfect wager for you. Just be sure that you genuinely know your stuff.


A parlay is when you place multiple bets on one event. For instance, if you are confident that your team will pull through with a win, you can be on the total and the Moneyline. Be careful, though, you must win both bets in a parlay to walk away in the green.


Teasers are a type of parlay that solely places bets against the spread or totals. Again, it is best to wait until you have plenty of experience before getting into this type of wager.

Understand the Game, Teams, and Players

You have to understand the game, teams, and players to make good picks. You are not going to win very much money if you do not know anything about teams or the game of basketball. For this reason, it is a great idea to choose one and learn everything you possibly can about them. If you keep doing this, you will eventually know every team in the whole league and become a professional sports bettor.

Making Picks

Now that you know enough about the sport and how to place bets, it is time to make your first NBA pick. For some, this will be an easy task in which they have complete confidence. For others, this may be nerve-racking. If you are nervous about it, you can always turn to professionals for help.

Get Help if You Need It

Some professionals give away or even sell their picks. People who do this have spent years learning the sport and developing skills in sports betting. As a new bettor, your odds of winning are not statistically too good. But if you take a pick from a professional, they become much higher. So, feel free to use this resource and begin your new hobby.


Sports betting is a fun hobby for sports enthusiasts. It’s an interactive way to watch the sports you already love, plus you can make money from it. So, study up, make your picks, and enjoy the process of becoming a sports bettor.

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