A Breakdown of Pet Insurance Coverage: Everything You Need to Know

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By Jacob Maslow

It’s possible you are interested in getting pet insurance. Maybe you have heard of its benefits from friends or your vet, and you are considering it for your pet. Or perhaps your pet had suddenly suffered from an illness or accident, and taking them to the vet without pet insurance was very costly and unexpected. How do you pick the best pet insurance with all of the different insurance coverage out there? There are so many options for pet insurance, but understanding the breakdown of pet insurance and what it offers can help you decide what the best pet insurance for you and your pet is.

How Does it Work?

You might be wondering how pet insurance works. It is fairly similar to health insurance for people. Still, a big difference is that you can see any licensed vet, emergency clinic, or specialist and have coverage with your insurance. So you don’t have to worry about a network and only see certain licensed vets if they accept your insurance. This makes it super easy to keep seeing the same licensed vet you go to without switching to someone new and having your pet adjust to a new vet and environment. Or if you are traveling somewhere to see family or on vacation with your pet and something happens, you can easily find the nearest licensed vet or specialist so your pet can get the immediate care it would need and you still get insurance coverage on the vet bills.

Once you get the care your pet needs at the vet, emergency clinic, or specialist, you then submit your claim by sending it typically online, by mail, or even by fax. Without submitting your claim, you will not be eligible for a reimbursement on your vet bills. Submitting your claim alerts your pet insurer to make sure you get what you pay for monthly with pet insurance. Once you submit your claim, you can get reimbursed a percentage of the cost of your covered vet bills. Some of the best pet insurance coverage offers a range of reimbursement options based on your customized coverage plan that works best for you.

What Does it Cover?

This may be one of the biggest questions for people looking into getting pet insurance. Pet insurance covers your pet in the case of illnesses, accidents, or emergencies that may happen out of the blue. Most people don’t realize how expensive vet bills can be when an emergency happens with your pet, and you are forced to pay high vet bills when you maybe weren’t prepared to do so. Having pet insurance that covers you in those times can get your pet the best care it needs while you get reimbursed some of the money you pay for the vet bills. When looking for the best pet insurance, you want to make sure you know everything that it can cover if you are looking for specific options for your pet. For example, some pet insurers offer coverage for hereditary conditions and chronic issues while others do not. In addition, most pet insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. However, they can provide coverage when situations pop up in your pet’s life while having insurance.

Some of the best pet insurance coverage offers a preventive care option that can reimburse you for treatments that promote general health and help avoid illnesses or injuries such as wellness exams, dental cleaning, deworming, and blood tests. It typically requires an additional cost to your plan but may save you money down the road if it contributes to your pet’s overall health. Some extra benefits that might work for you are coverage of behavioral issues like excessive licking, anxiety, or aggression. If your pet has behavioral problems, finding pet insurance that covers those issues can benefit you and your pet.

What Should I Look for?

When you are searching for the best pet insurance, there are some other things you may want to look for. First, it’s important to find coverage that gives a flexible reimbursement rate, deductible, and annual limit to choose a plan that best fits your financial needs. For example, you may want a lower deductible, so you pay a higher monthly cost, or you may want a higher deductible and pay a lower monthly cost. Having flexibility is crucial because every family and its pet is different. Although many things can be covered, some other things you may want to look for are:

  • No upper age limit
  • Covers alternative therapies
  • Covers dental illnesses
  • Covers microchip
  • Covers dietary supplements
  • Covers exam fees

Get What is Best for You

When picking out the best pet insurance, the most important thing is finding the right fit for you and your pet. Understanding how insurance works and what it covers, plus finding flexible coverage so it can meet your needs, is essential when looking for the best pet insurance for your pet.

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