Top 9 Benefits of Cloud-Hosted VoIP For Businesses

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By Jacob Maslow

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol (also known as IP telephony) is a technology that allows users to make phone calls and share data over the internet.

Even though the technology has been around for decades now, VoIP has become popular in recent years.

Nowadays cloud-hosted VoIP services are preferred for both personal and business use. One major misconception regarding the use of VoIP for companies is that it can be operationally profitable only for big businesses.

If you are a business owner and is thinking to establish cloud-hosted VoIP telephony within your establishment, then today we will be discussing the benefits of implementing cloud-hosted VoIP for businesses.

Top 9 Benefits of Cloud-Hosted VoIP for Businesses

Cost Effective

Cost-effectiveness is the No. 1 reason why businesses choose VoIP over traditional phones for calling.

VoIP-based calling services are cheap to install and maintain as well. Statistics show that new businesses can save on initial spending by about 90 percent by switching to VoIP-based calling services. Businesses can also save up to 40 percent on local calls and up to 90 percent on international calls while using VoIP services.

Easy to Switch

Unlike traditional landlines, you don’t have to change numbers or establish a new connection when your business switch locations.

As VoIP services work through the internet, all you need to do is have an active VoIP service subscription and a stable internet connection to make or receive VoIP calls wherever you go.

High Scalability

Most businesses will have peak business seasons where they will require multiple phone connections to manage business operations and handle customers.

Instead of managing several phone numbers and devices at all times, you can scale up or down on your phone connections with VoIP services, thus helping you by cutting down on operational costs of your business.

Configure Features Dynamically

Most VoIP services offer a web interface where users can create their accounts to access their VoIP service details and configure the various options and features as per their requirements and likes.

This allows users to make customizations and change settings without affecting the functioning of any other users within the establishment.

Multiple Functions

When talking about VoIP services, most people only think about telephony. Well, VoIP technology has far more implementations than just making or receiving phone calls.

Businesses can avail services such as teleconferencing and instant messaging based on VoIP. Moreover, VoIP service providers also offer customers the ability to forward faxes and voicemails to their email inbox using the technology as well.

Easy Setup

VoIP services are mostly offered as monthly subscription packages. Once you select a package that meets your business requirements, all you then need is a fast internet connection to start calling and use other services that are offered by your service provider.

A monthly subscription gives you the flexibility of changing service providers whenever you like. Moreover, you can pick the various VoIP services that you wish to use for your business and pay only for what you use.

Multi-device Support

Unlike traditional calling, you need not be stationary or use the same device while making or receiving phone calls via VoIP. You can set up your VoIP client on pretty much any device with an internet connection including your computer and Smartphone.

This allows employees within the establishment to stay connected at all times and also helps businesses offer quick and effective customer service.

Highly Reliable

One prime advantage of choosing a cloud-hosted VoIP service is reliability in terms of service uptime.

There are multiple servers located in different locations around the globe in cloud-hosted VoIP services. This means that you are always connected to the closest server for high speeds, and in case one server goes down, there are several alternate servers available to balance the traffic.

Secure Connectivity

As VoIP connections take place over the internet, several encryption protocols ensure the integrity and security of voice and data transferred through VoIP clients.

This can be a huge deal for businesses handling sensitive and private user information where a data breach has to be prevented at any cost.

Final Words

Most businesses, regardless of their scale, implement VoIP-based telephone services to ensure a cost-effective and highly functioning communication system within the establishment and with the customers.

We hope that this article helped you to decide on whether VoIP-based telephony is best for your business operations.



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