How Can Your Business Benefit From Microsoft Teams?

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By Jacob Maslow

Your business is like your best friend, or we could use it to define your dream home which you need to build from scratch. For your business to shine bright, Microsoft offers a set of tools that almost never disappoint. You must know about Office 365, which contains more accessible tools for every vital work. But, do you know about Microsoft Teams? Well, Microsoft Teams is a tool that provides your workspace with a modern day touch. It allows your employees to interact, chat and connect with you and others for a better working environment.

Microsoft Teams is an integrated tool and allows meetings and schedules to be conducted without unnecessary hassle. Microsoft Teams isn’t just one thing, but a bunch of tools collaborated into one. Interesting, isn’t it? It contains Word, Skype, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Power BI, Planner, Microsoft Graph and Delve. This is an entire package for your business to grow without technological issues.

Well, now that you know what ‘Microsoft Teams’ is, let’s understand how it is going to benefit our business effectively:


Everything gets assimilated into one, and your employees don’t need to run here and there for meetings, feedbacks, and reviews. The document is with everybody, and it could be reviewed from different computers, laptops or phones at once with one Microsoft Teams ID.

The workspace can also be customized. That is to say; not every company is similar in its approach. Your working environment might be entirely different from someone working in the Netherlands. You can collaborate with a third party as well, which is beneficial for a lot of companies.


If your meetings and schedules are all piled up one after the other, the best you can do is remember them yourself, or ask your Teams to arrange and remember them. It syncs with the Calendar available with your Office 365 and organizes meetings or events according to the availability of you and your employees. The meetings needn’t be public; they could be private and hidden from others. Every kind of agendas and documents could then be made public accordingly by you or your group.

Chat And Talk

One of the essential features of Microsoft Teams is chatting. It helps the business flourish by providing an excellent platform for its employees to keep themselves updated with each others’ progress. The ‘chat’ option especially allows employees to review and polish works by providing other employees with better feedbacks and suggestions. Also, if some teamwork is managed from far off places, needn’t worry, Teams is just the right tool for it!

You can also use Skype for an excellent audio-visual conversation. Needless to explain how dedicated Skype is when it comes to video-calling, so employees could use that for their work to be done faster and in a better manner.

Maintains Equality

With Teams, nobody is the boss when it comes to teamwork (unless you already have a leader). However, even if you have a leader, it would be difficult for him/her to convey the same message to everyone through emails separately all the time. Therefore, Teams does the job entirely for you. With its integrated chat system, you don’t need to wait for an email to arrive and then revert. Instead, you and all your employees could chat together in a group, and everybody remains at the same level. No extra waiting or craving for information, just work, and better communication.

Filters And Notifications

Now, to come to the entertainment part, because ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,’ therefore, you can also put filters, and check out your mentions and likes while working. You might also have great mentions or topics which you need to discuss. Therefore it is imperative to have your notifications sorted. So, Teams makes it easier for the notifications to be arranged and rearrange or settle them according to their preference.

Security And Access

Your Microsoft Teams is well secured and readily available to all your employees. The multi-factor authentication can also be used when you need to secure your account from hacking. For businesses, it is essential for you to understand that your security is of utmost importance. Therefore, you need to secure the guest access as well as the internal access of your system.

With all these opportunities and features, your business would be able to set up their required goals. All these features are important since they tell you about your status and your business as a whole. Nonetheless, with Teams, you are set and good to go!



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