Three Booming Industries that Are Destined for Growth

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By Jacob Maslow

The world is becoming even more advanced than before. Interconnection and globalism still play crucial roles in business. The key to success is to keep up with all the innovations, trends, and clients’ demands.

If you plan your future career path or want to invest in a business, these three industries are very significant. You can be sure that they will bring in a lot of money in the upcoming years.

Banking and Finances

After the Second World War, finances and banking started playing a more crucial role in society. It is now even hard to imagine life without them. This is why new and influential technologies have been developing finances for the last ten years.

As banking and finances are global and digital, the industry requires advanced technologies to protect public databases. Advanced engineers take care of the blockchain that allows data to proceed securely.

This technology has helped develop the financial sector rapidly and allowed the business to grow globally, speeding up the globalization process.

If you want to create security for a bank, you should invest your time in Business Schools that teach how to manage a business while explaining blockchain technology. Experts in this field can apply blockchain in existing operations and strategies.

Some of the companies that use those advanced technologies to develop are Monzo and Revolut. They use, for example, artificial intelligence to learn the needs of their customers.

International marketing

As the competition in almost any industry grows, marketing also has to grow. Starting in the 50s in the USA, where the first big advertisement was broadcasted, marketing plays a crucial role in shaping society and customer needs.

Its value, in 2019, surpassed US$1.7 trillion worldwide. That’s already a tremendously huge amount that is predicted to grow continually.

Today’s marketing is about much more than just creating a catchy advertisement. The 21st century has brought a real revolution to this industry, which now is more digitally active, more responsive, and very wide-ranging.

Modern customers want personalized content that they have to see in a suitable form, at the right time, and in the right medium. If you learn how to fulfill clients’ needs, considering the international perspective, you might get into one of the most prosperous businesses ever.

As marketing becomes global, it’s not only about selling. You discover and learn about different cultures, the needs of specific markets, and also the demographic groups of the clients.

Product Design

Designs by people become rarer as AI and reality technologies replace them. Yet, those innovations can be used to the human’s advantage. They can often simplify the process of designing products and boost our creativity.

AI might be able to create an outline of the product, but a human can bring a personal perspective, including their own experience, that is going to resonate with users.

When you design the product, you also have to think about cultural, political, financial, and environmental factors. Clients look for products that work, are well designed, and meet their personal values, such as sustainability.

If you are excited about the new design trends but also love innovation, perhaps choosing this industry as your future career path is a good idea.


Some industries grow for a while caused by a trend or global events, such as personal protection equipment during the COVID pandemic. Yet, their future might rapidly change when the situation in the world does.

However, the industries mentioned above are so connected with people’s lives and needs that they’re going to last and grow no matter what, for at least decades.

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