Hakki’s Pizza Addresses Homeless in New York City During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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By Jacob Maslow

The coronavirus pandemic has been a difficult time for individuals, families, and small businesses. This medical crisis has created a lot of financial problems for companies of all sizes. In particular, restaurants have been struggling, as dine, and service has been limited all over the world since the pandemic started. This includes New York City, which is home to Hakki’s Pizza. When people think about Champion Pizza, led by Hakki Akdeniz, they usually think about delicious frozen pizzas they see on the shelves of supermarkets. Even though it is true that Hakki’s Pizza has had its own fair share of difficulties during the pandemic, that has not stopped Hakki Akdeniz from pursuing his passion for helping those in need. Now, Hakki’s Pizza is working hard to address homelessness throughout New York City. 

A Hidden Gem During a Difficult 2020

For the vast majority of people, 2020 is the year that they would like to put in the rearview mirror as quickly as possible. Even this undoubtedly includes the leadership of Hakki’s Pizza, which has had to adjust to a new normal, Hakki Akdeniz understands that 2020 has been more difficult for some people than others. For example, people who are homeless in New York City have struggled significantly during the pandemic. The reality is that when financial difficulties arise, many people cut out their charitable donations first. Therefore, people who are homeless, who rely on the donations of others, have really felt the sting of the pandemic. Fortunately, Hakki’s Pizza is stepping up to help those in need. Many people who follow Hakki Akdeniz on social media have likely seen him going from place to place in his food truck. He uses this to pass out pizza to homeless individuals and families throughout New York City. Even though his business is struggling during the pandemic, he has not stopped giving out food. 

Hakki Akdeniz Passes Out Other Necessities as Well

In addition to sharing food with those in need, Hakki’s Pizza also passes out other necessities as well. This includes clothing and money. He hopes that he can use these charitable acts to inspire others to do the same thing. He understands that he is only one man with a pizza company; however, his impact is being felt all over the city. He says that it makes him feel good to give out pizza, money, and clothing to homeless individuals. Furthermore, he was once homeless himself. Therefore, he understands just how difficult it can be. He knows that every little bit helps. That is why he is working hard to inspire others to follow in his footsteps. 

The Future of Hakki’s Pizza and His Charitable Work

Even though it is true that vaccinations have been developed, there’s a difference between developing a vaccine and vaccinating individuals. He understands that people who are homeless are going to continue to struggle until the economy returns to normal on people start to donate regularly. For now, Hakki’s Pizza is focused on being a force for good. He has a tremendously large social media following and he hopes that he can use his platform to inspire others to help those in need as well. He believes that charity is not something that always has to be glamorous. It can be something as simple as reading kind words to people in need. Homeless individuals are people as well and they deserve our support during this time.

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