Things you need to know about Forex market analysis

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By Jacob Maslow

We are very close to making money in Forex. All the time you’ve put into reading these articles has not been in vain. There are three types of analysis in the Forex market. The fundamental, the technical, and the sentiment analysis. Before we give a lecture on each of these analyses, you have to know about the importance of Forex market analysis.

Remember, from beginner to pro, from zero level experience to highly experienced; all people do Forex analysis. The people who can do the study with the best prediction match make money out of the trade. But it does not mean that they have gained a gut feeling after years of trading in the Forex market. They do not rely on a gut feeling, which is why they analyze the market. If they tell you to trust your inner voice, you are wrong. Because nobody wants you to make money in the Forex. If you make money, they have to make less money.

Understanding the market movement

One of the most basic ideas about why people analyze the Forex market is that they want to understand the market’s movement. The Forex market is much larger than the stock market, and they want to know why they have lost money on the trade after using the same trade a few seconds ago. With this analysis, you can tell the actual movement of the market. The more you will study, the better you will understand the market. To enhance your learning experience, you may use the demo trading account offered by Saxo. Keep on using the demo trading account till you feel confident with your approach.

Once you truly start to understand the price movement, you can become good at trading. To trade fx options online, you need to have strong knowledge about the market. Try not to take the trades with emotions or gut feelings. Use strategic logic and take your transactions with very low-risk exposure. Even after following all the rules, you might have to lose the work. Consider the losses as your business cost and stick to your long-term goals.

Don’t listen to your inner voice

Another reason you should do Forex market analysis before investing your real money is to ignore your inner voice. You might think, which is very natural to man, that the market will move up. You place a trade, and without your understanding, the movement of the market goes down. To avoid these types of miscalculations, Forex market analysis is necessary. You may think that traders who have been in the FX market do not do research.

They can tell the market movement by looking at the live signal of the market. But if you look closely, there is a notebook on their lap. They have not come to this position because of their gut feeling or what they thought correct. They have always analyzed the Forex market, and by doing this, they have gained solid experience on the market move. That is why they are successful professional traders, and you are a newbie.


Do not think that only one type of analysis is necessary to make money in the FX market. The opposite is true. You need to have a thorough knowledge of all the other analyses of the market. Forex analysis is like a car. Technical, fundamental, sentimental, all these analyses are part of your car. If your car has a punctured tire, it cannot run. If your car has a bad engine, it will go for some time and then stop. If you want to make money smoothly and gradually, you have to analyze the FX market. A straightforward analysis is needed so that you can trade without having any stress.

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