The Launch of the Last Lumia

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By Jacob Maslow

This February will see the launch of Microsoft’s last Lumia cell-phone, Windows central claims.

“The Lumina 650 is the last Lumina”, Microsoft announced. So far the Lumia has received little attention and struggled to gain market share against entrenched ios and android devices.

Tech watchers report that the Lumia is largely a practical, business-focused handset with a 5-inch screen, 1GB RAM and an 8-megapixel camera. The price is not clear, but the previous Lumia 550 costs $139.

Microsoft’s endeavours into the mobile phone market so far have been hit-and-miss, with a future that’s difficult to predict. Last year it wrote off a failed deal with Nokia which cost an approximate $7.6 billion while earlier this month it announced a new Microsoft SIM card in a move that has industry experts speculating they may attempt to create their own digital mobile network.

Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on its Surface Phone due to be released later this year. As of the latest available numbers in 2015, Windows mobile devices represented a 2.6% global market share, trailing far behind Android’s 82.8% and Apple’s 13.9%.

The Lumina looks set to do little to improve that number. Will the Surface Phone fare any better? Only time will tell.

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