Amazon to Deliver Groceries by April

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By Jacob Maslow

Amazon India has announced that it will enter the grocery delivery business by April this year.

The internet retail giant has shaken up the delivery business in several key sectors as of late, announcing that it plans to make roadways into the $305 billion global freight business and use drones to deliver packages to customers wherever they are at the time of delivery.

The latest announcement poses a threat to many of India’s street-level start-ups such as Grofers, which currently dominate the grocery delivery market in the country.

Amazon has already soft-launched their grocery delivery business in some neighbourhoods in India under the brand Kirana-Now. After initial success, sources said they plan to expand into 10 Indian cities this year.

With the population of India close to 1.3 billion people and an exploding middle class coming up all over the country, the grocery delivery business may be a very clever move for the online retailer.

Is there anything Amazon isn’t going to shake up and attempt to take over? For now, it seems, the sky is the limit, literally, for the world’s largest online retailer.

Images Courtesy of DepositPhotos