The Dos and Don’ts of Dressing Professionally for a Job

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By Jacob Maslow

Adulthood comes with responsibilities and will necessitate finding a job to sustain your needs. You may be at the job-hunting stage, or your application was successful, and you are preparing for an interview. Among the essentials for a successful interview is the dress code. Your dress code speaks a lot about you, and it can either increase your chances of landing the job or cause you to lose the opportunity. Here are the things you need to know about professional dressing.

Do Dress According to the Nature of the Job

Despite the nature of the job, you must dress to your highest standards. For men, invest in a suit and tie, official shoes, and preferably black socks. The suit should match your height and physique, and the trouser should be long enough to cover your ankles. You may add some simple jewelry, although it is not a must. For women, you would look good in a skirt and trousers, suits, and dresses. You may put on hosiery but remember to conduct a background check of the organization first to see if it allows such dressing. Remember to comp your hair correctly; it should not be all over your face. Put on closed, flat shoes and if you go for heels, ensure they are low and comfortable.

Don’t Put on Miniskirts

The skirt should not exceed two inches above the knees for a dress suit. Miniskirts don’t look professional, even in a suit.

Do Wear the Same Color Coat and Pants

If you have settled on a suit, ensure that the color of the coat and pants match. Preferably go for navy blue, black, or gray. The fabric of your pieces should be made of wool or wool blend as it is sustainable. Plain color or a patterned weave such as checks can work as long as the details are minimal and not profuse. Instead of sports shoes, go for brown or black dress shoes.

Don’t Fold Your Shirt’s Cuffs

Never roll up the cuffs of your shirt. Remember, putting on a suit with a short sleeve shirt inside is not impressive. Furthermore, your tie should be neat and not one with comic strips.

Do Wear Customized Dress and Pantsuits

Dress and pantsuits will look good on you. However, ensure that they are customized to fit your body, but they should not be too tight or flowing.

Don’t Put on Jeans

Other than a suit, you can put on dress pants and skirts but never show up in jeans. However, the skirts should not be billowy or too long. In addition, the pants should not be too tight on the body. Do not show up in transparent clothing or sleeveless shirts.

Do Dress Shirts That Matches with Your Suit

Most professional shirts are unisex, and when selecting a shirt to put on with your suit, ensure that it blends naturally. The preferred color for your shirt is white since it blends with every outfit, but other plain colors, such as light blue, would also work. A checked shirt or one with stripes can also work if it matches the suit.

Don’t Put on Baggy Shirts

If your shirt is baggy, you can visit a tailor to customize it. Having clothes professionally altered ensures that they fit your physique nicely.

The first impression counts during meet-ups, and you should ensure you look your best. As much as interviewers are required to remain neutral, it only takes 20 to 30 seconds to judge your presentability. Therefore, before leaving your home for the job, ensure you have adhered to the above tips.

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