The Best Way to Invest 5k Right Now (Passive Income Tips for Beginners)

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By Jacob Maslow

Tradition has it that in terms of investment, people can entrust the managing of their huge cash to the bosses at known banks. But that era is over. Today, you can start small and start somewhere.

As a beginner, your $5000 will already bring you good fortune in the future. By just having $5000, several opportunities and options will be knocking at your doorstep.

Allow me to walk you through practical and reliable ideas to make your 5k yield good returns in the long run. Brace yourself, for you might be astonished at how easy these tips would be. You can eventually choose the best strategy for you that fits your financial goals and risk tolerance.

And if you are successful (I bet you will), you can earn money even while you sleep, because these investments will turn you into a passive income earner. You invest a sum, leave it there for a while, wait for it to grow, and watch the income rise. You don’t need to be a genius to do this. Here are the hacks toward that life-changing move:

  1. Search for Online Investment Firms

As a neophyte in the world of investing, you might find yourself dumbfounded at what to do with your 5k. So why not lessen your anxiety by going over the internet to look for online investment firms with good offers. You may also tap the assistance of registered investment advisers to help you narrow down your choices. Remember, great options are unlimited for those who are willing to begin investing with smaller amounts.

Examine well the online firms. Be cautious of high fees, because these might consume tidbits of your savings away. Also, be careful, the market is always volatile so you should not keep your guard down.

Don’t worry. As long as you find yourself a reputable online firm to invest in, your 5k investment can weather the strongest of the economic storms and will make a good addition to your portfolio.

  1. Open a High Yield Savings Account

The amount of interest from a savings account might not be convincing to you. It may not be as high as you expect it to be, but at the very least, your money is growing slowly, regularly, and safely. Banks will keep your 5k secured, and you can sleep well at night knowing that the risk is low.

But do not just open any accounts, open a savings account because it is more suitable for investments. Again, these accounts are far from being too risky. You save yourself from any short-term losses, and your money is still accessible.

However, know that each bank will offer different interest rates, therefore, savings accounts are unique depending on the bank. Before opening up an account, be sure to talk to a representative in the bank’s office for you to know the interest rate. But usually, an average bank offering has an interest rate of 0.06%.

Not convinced? Well, we got you covered. An online bank is always preferable because of its high yield savings account offerings, compared to their traditional bank counterparts.  Aside from the easy access since it is online, this can offer you as much as 1% interest rates which are gradually increasing.

  1. Invest in Trade Stocks

Like a magnet, trade stocks always have an appeal that is pulling you over. Now is the time to give in to it and be stuck with stocks. But don’t be too overwhelmed or be frustrated with how small you think 5k is. Invest in stocks with caution and limitation — strategize. Invest in high-quality dividend stocks which can ensure that your money is indeed earning from two directions: capital appreciation on the stock, and dividend income.

Look for well-established companies that you can trust to pay your dividends regularly. Who knows, your 5k will increase steadily in the next 25 years? If you don’t have any idea as to what stock to choose, know that some companies will pay dividends in excess of 5% annually.

Stocks are both rewarding and risky, and you might be hesitant at first. But keep in mind the basic rules in investing. Rule # 1 states that you have to invest in a business that you fully understand. Understand the volatility of the stock market. Learn the art of strategic gambling. Learn from experienced stock investors.

  1. Keep it real with Lending Clubs and Real Estate

You can invest your 5k in lending clubs which will allow you to make micro-loans in the future. If you’re concerned about your retirement, then open up a retirement account (Roth IRA, IRA) with just 5,500 as your minimum deposit.

If you think lending clubs are not for you, then put your 5k into something that is physically seen, and truly there – real estate. With diligence, you might find yourself cheap real estate to invest in. There are traditional ways for this to work. You may opt to be a landlord by purchasing either a commercial or residential property and looking for a renter. Can 5k be enough to buy a property? Maybe not. But that 5k could be a down payment for a large loan.

Tips and Takeaways:

Diversify your Investment

The risk will always be present in whatever investment type you enter yourself in. That is one truth about investing. But as a beginner, don’t invest blindly. Have yourself an investment plan. Learn strategic investing – yielding a reasonable amount with smart risks, those that will promise good returns.

That is why to diversify your investment will never do you harm. Spread your money out by investing in others – not just mutual funds. Do you know what’s within an amazing well-diversified portfolio? Stocks. Bonds. Commodities.

By diversifying, you give your 5k a chance to grow, making it a worth-it passive income. Who knows? Your 5k is your ticket to a better life. But wait, what are your goals again?

Determine your Investment Buckets

You cannot wisely diversify your investment if your financial goals and needs are not crystal clear to you. Learn the art of making investment buckets. By doing so, you are strategizing to match your investments with your anticipations. Determine where to invest in an emergency fund, which is obviously for short-term needs. Decide where to invest for your retirement, which should be a long-term investment account. Find an appropriate investment for the near-future needs like buying a house, your child’s university education, and your other financial obligations.

Do you know what is the greatest risk of all? It’s not investing at all

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