5 High Dividend Stocks that Are Worth Investing In

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By Jacob Maslow

Investing in stocks is indeed rewarding and, at the same time, risky; so make sure the company you invest in will be worth it. If you’re searching for stocks with predictable income and long-term potentials for growth, consider putting in your investments in reputable high dividend stocks. They will not disappoint.

Dividend stocks comprise companies that pay a part of their earnings to shareholders regularly. They technically are well-founded, dependable, having stability in earnings, time-tested, and are reputable for a reliable track record of indeed releasing dividends to stakeholders by quarter, by year, or by month. There are special dividends, too. What a treat!

There are several high dividend stocks that will tease you with their high dividends in the form of money or more stocks. However, be careful about where to entrust your money with. Chasing after high dividend stocks are easy, but losing your investment in them once they fail is even easier. Faltering money in dividend stocks is not just an idea, it’s a reality — a common occurrence.

In choosing a dividend company to invest in, consider sustainability, whether or not the company can maintain its dividend payments, and has a good record history. Aside from that, go for companies that can promise you high dividends while keeping pace with the stock market. If you are left dumbfounded at where to start looking, here’s a list of five dividend stocks with high yields according to Russell 1000 on the 28th day of October this year. Read on as we evaluate dividend companies from which you can pick your personal choice.

  1. TFSL (TFS Financial Corp.) = 7.06%

This holding company, TFS Financial, engaged in banking for consumers interested in retail and lending of mortgage for several years now. It has a lot of subsidiaries which involve in the service and origination of a number of quality mortgage loans for customers in search of real estates, thereby becoming a center of attraction for people who find interest in retail deposits. Primary, it makes most of its money doing consumer banking for retail consumers.

Recently, TFSL made an announcement that its BOD had affirmed that a quarterly cash dividend shall be disbursed on December 15, 2020 to all the shareholders on their records until the 1st of December this year.

  1. NYCB (New York Community Bancorp Inc.) = 8.16%

New York Community Bancorp has several subsidiaries which are participating in banking. It’s a holding company which includes Atlantic Bank, Roosevelt Savings Bank, and Queens County Savings Bank. NYCB advertises an amazing offering to its clients in the corporate world. These services are mainly related products and banks. The primary customers are corporate establishments or consumers residing in New York City metropolis areas.

NYCB pays shareholders yearly with dividends per share that yields a seriously high dividend. Most recently, a quarterly payment was released on the 17th of November 17 this year.

  1. BDN (Brandywine Realty Trust) = 8.33%

Brandywine Realty Trust is also very recognized for owning, managing, leasing, possessing, and also constructing commercial properties which will serve as offices to businesses that are located in the suburban, downtown or urban places, mostly strategically located in Texas and on cities from the East Coast. It proposes various attractive services such as constructing infrastructure, administering assets or properties, and is into leasing, investing and advertising.

It started trading ex-dividend last October 6, 2020. Further, schedules of the payments of cash dividend had been marked and released on the 21st of October, this year. All shareholders who bought BDN before the ex-dividend date are eligible for payment.

  1. BPYU (Brookfield Property REIT Inc.) = 9.12%

As a real estate investment trust, the Brookfield Property possesses, constructs, establishes, administers, and leases several properties for commercial use. Its amazing portfolio includes malls, restaurants, parking lots, and other facilities for entertainment purposes. Unsurprisingly, its portfolio now includes approximately 2,000 assets in 30 countries.

BPYU was remarkable for promoting diversity since it is a diversified real estate company known to have one of the most attractive and convincing portfolios. The goal is to produce appealing returns that are for long term with an investor’s equity of 12%-15%. The returns are calculated based on the stability of the following: cash flows, yearly growth of distribution, and even appreciation of assets. Meanwhile, it also considers the rate by which the earnings are growing.

Another reason why you must invest in BPYU is because its assets are of high quality, it is designed for dynamism regardless of the market trends, it is resilient to economic downfalls. To do this, they opted for diversification of their assets throughout sectors and geography. They continue to recycle their capital from assets already stabilized or those assets with near-peak values, as an innovative technique that will yield great results.

  1. LUMN (Lumen Technologies Inc) = 11.16%

Lumen Technologies,  a telecommunications company, had been famous for offering customers network security, voice communications, cloud solutions, and management services worldwide. They had been successful in the integration of communications to business and residences of customers.  It used to be called CenturyLink Inc. before the company-name change on September 14.

Lumen carries the goal of assisting the society progress by the provision of the grandest and most efficient technologies which will certainly aid people and optimize their work and lifestyle. Right now, it has an approximate of 450,000 route fiber miles. It is servicing thousands of people across 60 countries. It aims to provide the fastest platform with the most safeguarding security so that people can utilize their data and applications without hesitations and fear. These platforms shall be helpful to the national government, to the corporate world, and to communities.

As of November 18 of this year, Lumen Technologies announced the distribution of a regular quarterly cash dividend of 25 cents per share. All dividends will be paid on December 11 to all the shareholders on their records until November 30.


Since we have helped you narrow down the numerous names of stocks that are yielding high dividends to just five, you may choose from any of the stocks listed here. Or you may search for them yourself. Here’s the bottom line: do not invest in something you know nothing about. Reading on and further examining records will do you no harm.

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