Tesla’s Elon Musk Predicts Tesla Leadership in Driverless Car Technology

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By Jacob Maslow

rsz_elon_muskIf the market wasn’t excited enough about Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) due to CEO Elon Musk’s recent tweet regarding Tesla’s efforts of freeing its car owners from ‘range anxiety,’ Mr. Musk unloaded another tasty high tech morsel: driverless cars. He said that Tesla’s current technical infrastructure can accommodate the design and manufacture of a fully autonomous car.


The whole concept of a driverless or ‘autonomous’ car is quite old. Some would argue that that the concept of a car that drives itself-and cuts down on human error-based or intoxication-based car accidents-was a natural byproduct of the popularity of the automobile. As cars filled the roadways, the tragic byproduct of mobility-car accident deaths-soon followed and people have been fantasizing of a purely risk-free automotive future.


It is no exaggeration to say that a driverless car is one of the holy grails of modern automotive commuting.


Not surprisingly, Elon Musk turned a lot of heads towards Tesla Motors’ way when he said that Tesla aims to be the first car company to offer purely driverless technology. He even added another layer of hype by saying that there might a time when society might ban person-driven cars due to the safety hazards poised by heavy objects steered by flawed human beings.

Is this another piece of Tesla hype? Is this another Elon Musk public pronouncement about the panacea-like qualities of future technology? Regardless of what it is, one thing is clear: Tesla Motors has a CEO that has a natural gift for keeping Tesla in the headlines. In the topsy turvy financial markets, that’s one CEO skill every public company should insist on in its head honcho choices

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