Owners of Tesla Model S now get free Spotify

Tesla Model S

Just about everyone loves good quality music in particular while driving, and now it seems that owners of the superb Tesla Model S in Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong, will soon have access to as many songs as they desire.

Spotify Premium free for Tesla Model S owners

The free music (which can be streamed or downloaded) is the result of a deal between car maker Tesla and streaming music company Spotify which, in an over-the-air software update, provides all Model S owners access to a Premium Spotify account – giving free access to the entire music catalog of more than 30 million songs, and no ads.

However, it’s not even necessary to have a Spotify subscription, or a smartphone/tablet, as the service now comes built right into the car’s media player.

Drivers of Tesla vehicles will receive all of the Spotify services – that includes on-demand access to music, playlists, artist-based radio, as well as the ability to save individual tracks and full albums.

Having Spotify is certainly a perk for owners of the greatest electric vehicles available.

For everyone else, a Spotify Premium account costs around $10 per month, although there is also a Family Plan, and cheaper student deals.

SOURCE: TechRadar.


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