Take on Contemporary New York With Marko Stout

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By Jacob Maslow

If you were curious who is the hottest trend when it comes to multimedia, look no further than Marko Stout. His artwork has been featured in the homes of several A-List celebrities, including The Kardashians, Justin Bieber, and Katie Holmes.

Embracing Contemporary Society

For those looking for art pieces that are outside of the box and do not fit the traditional look and feel of older art pieces. These photos offer shots and experiences of the subject, capturing their moment and emotion with each picture. The most recent catalog for 2021 focuses on sex and erotica as the subjects, with photos catching them in their most vulnerable. However, there is an artistic side to sex and erotic poses, which Marko Stout seems to capture at the right moment in the catalog.

Who Is Marko Stout?

A New Jersey native, Marko Stout moved himself to California for a while and then back to the East Coast in New York City, where his art career launched. While in San Francisco, Marko developed a passion for artwork through a relationship with his neighbor, who also appreciated different types of art and what it could mean for someone. This came after making ends meet by living on a houseboat and getting a much different experience than what New Jersey could have offered.

Not only is there a signature look with his art, but Marko himself has a stapled look when he is out traveling and found in town. Large fedora hats, aviator glasses, and dressing in black-heavy outfits make him identifiable to those who may want to make that connection.

More Than Pictures

The photo catalog that Marko Stout publishes on his website is only a portion of his collection. His artwork consists of photos and stills and other types of multimedia such as painting prints and even videos that are available for purchase. Whatever vessel is needed to capture the essence of the art, Marko Stout will use it and make sure the art is reflective of contemporary topics and styles. His ability to shift art to multimedia vessels directly relates to how the world is changing and going with a technology focus.

Recent Galas

In 2021, Marko Stout met and broke some record sales in Manhattan, Miamigallery, and Brooklyn exhibits that showcased the photos from the 2021 catalog. Because his take on art is so unique, modern, and able to diversify over different types of media, he is becoming not only a national sensation but a global one. It is more than just A-list actors seeking out their art to purchase and display because of its connection to the modern world.

Marko Stout and the Future

If recent sales were any indicator, it is safe to say that Marko Stout is rising in the art community. He is paving the way for artists everywhere looking to pursue multimedia options for their creations in the future.


Images Courtesy of DepositPhotos