Summer Business Ideas: Top Profitable Ventures for 2023

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By Jacob Maslow

As the warm weather arrives and people flock outdoors to enjoy the sun, many entrepreneurs and college students see summertime as the perfect opportunity to start a seasonal business. Capitalizing on the increased demand for outdoor activities, seasonal events, and an overall desire to make the most out of the sunny months, summer businesses have the potential to be profitable ventures. From service-based businesses to recreational and educational niche markets, the options for summer business ideas are vast and varied.

One of the primary benefits of starting a summer business is the seasonal aspect, allowing business owners to focus on their venture during the warmer months and transition to other endeavors or take a break in the off-season. This flexibility is especially useful for those looking to supplement their regular income, explore a new industry, or try entrepreneurship for the first time. Given the right approach, a summer business can thrive by meeting the needs of consumers during this highly anticipated time of year.

Service-oriented businesses might involve providing activities and experiences, such as event planning or guided outdoor excursions. At the same time, recreational and educational ventures may revolve around offering hands-on learning experiences, such as summer camps or specialized classes. Retail and sales businesses might concentrate on meeting the demand for summer products such as swimwear, beach essentials, and seasonal food and beverages.

Key Takeaways

  • Summer businesses capitalize on increased demand for outdoor activities and seasonal products.
  • Seasonal businesses allow entrepreneurs flexibility to pursue other endeavors during the off-season.
  • Service-based, recreational, and retail summer businesses cater to various consumer needs during the warmer months.

Summer Business Ideas Overview

Summer provides an excellent opportunity to start a seasonal business. With various summer business ideas available, entrepreneurs can choose the one that suits their interests and skills. This section will discuss three popular summer business ideas: Food Truck Business, Ice Cream Stand, and Lemonade Stand.

Food Truck Business

A food truck business is an excellent idea for the summer season. With warm weather and people spending more time outside, there is a high demand for quick, delicious food options. A food truck allows owners to serve various dishes, such as tacos, burgers, or ethnic cuisine. Some aspects to consider when starting a food truck are:

  • Location: Choose a high-traffic area with little competition from other food trucks or restaurants.
  • Menu: Offer a limited, unique menu focusing on quality rather than quantity.
  • Marketing: Utilize social media and local events to promote your food truck and stay connected with your customers.

Ice Cream Stand

Ice cream stands are synonymous with summer. Their wide assortment of flavors and topping options attract people of all ages. Opening an ice cream stand requires planning, but the investment can pay off during the hot months. Essential factors for a successful ice cream stand include:

  • Product variety: Offer a range of flavors, including classic favorites and unique combinations. Consider vegan or lactose-free options as well.
  • Location: Place your stand near parks, beaches, or other high-foot-traffic areas where people seek refreshment during the summer heat.
  • Atmosphere: Create an inviting ambiance with colorful signage, clean facilities, and cheerful staff members.

Lemonade Stand

A timeless summer business idea is setting up a lemonade stand. This simple yet profitable concept appeals to both children and adults. It requires minimal investment and caters to the demand for refreshing beverages during hot summer days. Critical factors for a successful lemonade stand include:

  • Quality ingredients: Use fresh ingredients for your lemonade, such as locally-sourced lemons and natural sweeteners.
  • Location: Choose a spot with high visibility, like a busy street corner, community event, or farmers market.
  • Versatility: Offer various flavors, such as strawberry, raspberry, or mint, to appeal to a wide range of customers.

Service-Based Summer Business Ideas

Car Wash and Detailing

A profitable summer business idea is starting a car wash and detailing service. Car owners always appreciate a clean vehicle, and summer is the perfect time to offer this service due to the warm weather. You can expect to generate a steady income as you provide basic car washing and comprehensive detailing services. To attract a larger target market, you can offer mobile car wash services, visiting clients’ homes or workplaces. Additionally, partnering with local businesses, such as car dealerships or repair shops, might bring more customers.

Lawn Care and Landscaping

As grass and plants increase during summer, offering lawn care and landscaping services is an excellent seasonal opportunity. This home-based business involves mowing, weeding, and maintaining gardens, catering to residential and commercial properties. You can earn a good income with this venture by marketing your services to a broad target market, from individual homeowners to property management companies.

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Pool Maintenance

With swimming pools being a popular summer destination, pool maintenance is a lucrative business option. Providing essential services like cleaning, water testing, and maintaining pool equipment can help clients keep their pools in shape. As a pool maintenance specialist, you can make money by working with homeowners, hotels, and recreational facilities.

House Cleaning

People typically prefer a clean and organized house during summer, making it a prime time to start a house cleaning service. By offering your expertise in vacuum cleaning, window washing, and other specialized tasks, you can cater to clients’ specific needs. Promoting your services through social media, flyers, and word of mouth can help you gain exposure and earn a stable income.

Pet Sitting and Babysitting

Summer is the season of vacations and outdoor activities, leading to an increased demand for pet-sitting and babysitting services. You can provide childcare and pet care services for people attending parties, working late, or going on a trip. Depending on their preferences, this business can be managed from home or at the clients’ residences. To increase your income, try offering additional services like photography or event planning for special occasions.

Errand Service and Transportation

Many people look for convenient solutions during summer, which makes an errand service and transportation business a great option. You can assist clients with grocery shopping, running errands, and driving to appointments. This service might be particularly attractive to busy families, enabling you to make money throughout the season. To promote your business, network with local establishments and tourist hotspots, potentially expanding your services as a tour guide.

Recreational and Educational Business Ideas

Summer Camps and Activities

Summer camps provide excellent opportunities for students to enjoy the season while participating in various activities. These temporary ventures usually operate during school breaks, offering childcare solutions for parents. Some summer camps focus on one primary activity, like swimming lessons, while others provide a broader range of activities like sports, arts, and other hobbies. Starting a summer camp can be a profitable seasonal business for those with relevant experience and skills.

Tutoring and Music Lessons

As students seek to keep their minds sharp during the summer break, tutoring services and music lessons are in high demand. Seasonal businesses focusing on these educational activities are popular for teachers seeking extra income during their time off. Offering one-on-one or group sessions in subjects like math, science, or language, as well as music lessons, can cater to different needs and learning styles.

Boat Rental and Fishing Guide

Boat rentals and fishing guides are popular seasonal businesses that capitalize on increased demand during the summer months. Options range from renting boats for leisurely trips to providing fishing excursions with skilled guides. Starting a boat rental business requires a suitable fleet, while a fishing guide venture depends on expertise in the field. Boat cleaning can also become a necessary add-on service in these cases.

Outdoor Activities and Tour Guide

The warm and sunny summer weather is a perfect opportunity for businesses focusing on outdoor activities. Year-round businesses may benefit from increased seasonal demand. Examples include hiking tours, bicycle rentals, adventure parks, and more. Tour guides may also leverage local knowledge to give visitors an engaging and educational experience during outdoor adventures. Offering various services can help attract a broader customer base during the successful summer season.

Retail and Sales Summer Business Ideas

Produce Stand and Farmers Market

During the summer months, there is an increased demand for fresh produce. A popular summer business idea is running a produce stand or participating in local farmers’ markets. These businesses often sell seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other items like homemade baked goods, jams, and honey. Independent vendors can establish a small stand or booth in high-traffic areas like supermarkets or parks.

Home Decor and Home Staging Services

Summer is a popular season to refresh a home’s interior. A business that focuses on home decor or provides home staging services can see an increase in clients during the warmer months. Selling items like decorative pillows, wall art, and small furniture pieces are popular. Services such as professional house painting and bookkeeping for clients can be combined to expand a business offering.

Online Sales and Pop-Up Retail Store

Through online platforms and social media, entrepreneurs can sell various items to customers through online sales. From handmade goods to curated collections, online sales platforms allow flexibility in running a business from home or on the go.

For those interested in a more traditional form of sales, opening a pop-up retail store or “brick-and-mortar” shop for the summer season can be a viable option. Business owners can rent a temporary storefront to showcase their products or services. Examples of summer-specific businesses include an ice cream truck, a car rental service for tourists, or a lawn mowing service for homeowners.

Starting and Running a Summer Business

Business Planning and Investment

When starting a summer business, having a well-thought-out business plan is crucial. Entrepreneurs should identify the type of business they want to establish, such as lawn care, mowing, or a pooled cleaning business. They should also determine the required initial investment and create a budget for their venture. Choosing a suitable location and analyzing the target market is essential before starting a new business.

Licenses, Permits, and Regulations

Complying with local regulations is vital for any new business. Entrepreneurs should research, apply, and acquire the necessary licenses and permits, fulfilling all legal requirements. Additionally, they should be aware of any industry-specific regulations applicable to their summer business.

Marketing and Social Media

Marketing the business effectively is essential for a successful summer venture. Creating a solid online presence entailing a website, social media accounts, and targeted advertising can help reach potential customers. Social media platforms are handy for promoting the business and engaging with existing clients.

Hiring and Managing Employees

Depending on the size and type of the summer business, hiring and managing employees may be necessary. Entrepreneurs should carefully select qualified employees, provide appropriate training, and establish clear expectations. Effective communication and regular performance evaluations help maintain a productive, motivated workforce.

Securing Additional Financing

If the initial investment isn’t sufficient for business growth, exploring options for securing additional financing may be required. Entrepreneurs can consider applying for a small business loan or seeking alternative funding sources such as grants, crowdfunding, or angel investors.

Tips and Strategies for Summer Business Owners

Summer business owners should be mindful of the seasonality and plan accordingly. Setting clear goals, analyzing past performance, and developing strategies to maximize profits are essential. They should also focus on customer service and satisfaction, offering quality products or services, and maintaining a positive reputation in the community. They should also seek new opportunities by attending networking events or collaborating with local businesses. Summer is an excellent time for innovating ideas; creating unique selling points and adding additional services or products can help increase sales during this season. Finally, entrepreneurs should stay organized by managing finances accurately and tracking their progress throughout the summer months.

These are just a few examples of profitable summer business ideas that entrepreneurs could pursue. With creativity, determination, and hard work, any of these businesses can be successful in the summer season.

Good planning and comprehensive knowledge of the industry are essential for success. Applying the right strategies for marketing, managing employees, and securing financing can help entrepreneurs maximize profits and run a successful summer business.


What are some good summer business ideas?

Some good summer business ideas include setting up a produce stand or participating in local farmers markets, offering home decor and home staging services, running an ice cream truck or car rental service, providing lawn care services, opening a pop-up retail store, and selling goods online.

How do I start a summer business?

To start a summer business, entrepreneurs should create a comprehensive business plan that outlines the type of business they want to establish. They should also determine the required initial investment and create a budget for their venture. Additionally, they should research and acquire all necessary licenses and permits, create an online presence to reach potential customers, hire qualified staff, secure additional financing when necessary, and apply effective strategies to maximize profits.

What strategies can I use to make my summer business successful?

To make a summer business successful, entrepreneurs should set clear goals, analyze past performance, develop strategies for maximizing profits, focus on customer service and satisfaction, offer unique selling points and additional services or products, attend networking events and collaborate with local businesses, manage finances accurately, and track progress throughout the summer months.

What paperwork do I need to start a summer business?

The paperwork needed to start a summer business varies by location and type of business. Generally, entrepreneurs should research local regulations and acquire all necessary licenses and permits. Additionally, they may need to register for taxation purposes or file an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Complying with all legal requirements is critical before starting any new business.


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