How Old Do You Need to Be to Work at Amazon?

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By Jacob Maslow

Navigating the job market as a young person can be challenging, particularly when considering age restrictions and eligibility for various positions. Among the popular companies frequently hiring young professionals is Amazon, a leading global enterprise known for offering many employment opportunities.

You’re in the right place if you are a young job seeker wondering about the age requirements for working at Amazon. This article will explore the minimum age to work at Amazon, the application process, the types of jobs available, and other pertinent details to help you understand the opportunities and requirements for aspiring Amazon employees.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon has a minimum age requirement for job seekers.
  • Numerous job opportunities and work schedules are available.
  • Compensation, benefits, and growth opportunities are considered competitive.

Minimum Age Requirement for Amazon Jobs

Age Limits for Different Roles

At Amazon, the minimum age requirement for employment varies depending on the position. For most entry-level positions, such as warehouse associates and seasonal employees, candidates must be at least 18 years old. This is due to safety regulations and labor laws regarding machinery and heavy equipment operations.

For corporate and certain full-time roles, the minimum age is typically higher, with a preference for candidates who have completed higher education, such as a bachelor’s degree. In these cases, the age requirement may be indirectly set by the required education level rather than a specific age limit.

Exceptions and Special Programs

There are some exceptions and special programs to provide opportunities for high school students and young adults. Amazon offers programs targeting high school graduates and students, particularly those interested in technology and innovation.

One example is the Amazon Future Engineer program, which provides resources and support for students pursuing careers in computer science and related fields. This program is designed for high school students and offers scholarships, internships, and other learning resources.

Another program aimed at younger individuals is the Amazon Apprenticeship program. Apprenticeships typically combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction and can lead to full-time employment. These opportunities are generally open to applicants who are 18 years or older, with some positions specifically targeting recent high school graduates.

In summary, the minimum age requirement for Amazon jobs depends on the role, with most positions requiring candidates to be at least 18 years old. In contrast, some specialized programs and corporate roles may have higher age limits or education requirements.

Application Process and Required Documents

Creating an Amazon Account

Applicants must first create an Amazon account to apply for a job at Amazon. This can be done by visiting the Amazon Jobs website and clicking “Create Account” or “Sign In” if they already have one. Applicants must provide their name, email address, and password for their account. Amazon will then send a verification email to confirm the account.

Submitting a Resume and Application

Once the account is established, applicants can submit their resume and complete the application process. Amazon recommends customizing the resume to highlight relevant skills and experiences that match the job requirements. It is also essential to double-check the application for accuracy before submitting it, as any errors may lead to disqualification.

The Interview Process

After applying, qualified candidates will be invited to participate in Amazon’s interview process. This process may consist of:

  • Phone interviews: These are typically conducted with a recruiter and involve answering questions about the candidate’s work experience and any specifics related to the job.
  • Online assessments: Candidates might be asked to complete online tests related to the role they have applied for, like coding tests for software development positions.
  • In-person interviews: This stage usually involves meeting with multiple interviewers to discuss various topics, such as behavioral and technical questions.

Background Check

Candidates must pass a background check before receiving a job offer from Amazon. The background check process can include verifying an applicant’s identity, education, and employment history. Moreover, Amazon may conduct a criminal record check, depending on the nature of the job.

In summary, applying for a job at Amazon entails creating an account, submitting a resume and application, attending interviews, and passing a background check. Ensure to provide accurate and relevant information throughout the process and demonstrate the skills required for the position.

Types of Jobs and Work Schedules

Regarding working at Amazon, there are various job types and work schedules to consider. This section covers full-time and part-time positions, temporary and seasonal jobs, and work-from-home and remote opportunities.

Full-Time and Part-Time Positions

Amazon offers full-time and part-time positions in various areas of its operations, such as warehouse associates, drivers, and office roles. Full-time positions usually require 40 hours per week, while part-time positions may vary in required hours. Interested candidates can visit Amazon’s job posting website and filter by location, job type, and schedule to find available positions.

Manhattan, New York, USA – June 7, 2020: Amazon truck unloading packages from Truck for home delivery in New York City performing essential service during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Temporary and Seasonal Jobs

During peak seasons and holidays, Amazon has an increased need for temporary and seasonal workers. These positions may last a few weeks or months, depending on the workload and time of the year. Seasonal jobs typically include customer service, warehouse roles, and delivery drivers. Candidates looking for temporary or seasonal opportunities can find job postings on Amazon’s career site, specifying the desired duration of their search.

Work from Home and Remote Opportunities

Amazon also offers work-from-home and remote job opportunities. These positions provide flexibility regarding location, allowing employees to work from their preferred places, such as their home offices or co-working spaces. Remote positions may include customer service, software development, and content management roles. To find work-from-home and remote opportunities with Amazon, applicants can browse the job postings on the company’s career site and filter by the “Remote” location option.

Education and Development Opportunities

Amazon’s Leadership Principles

Amazon’s Leadership Principles play a crucial role in the professional development of its employees. They serve as a guiding foundation for the employees’ growth, and they need to learn and adapt to these principles to excel within the company.

Growth and Advancement

For high school students and individuals looking for entry-level roles, Amazon offers a range of opportunities to explore and grow. Summer jobs and internships allow students to gain practical experience and familiarize themselves with the company’s work culture. With hard work and dedication, employees can advance within the company, taking on more responsibilities and playing critical roles in the organization.

Training Programs

Amazon provides numerous in-house training programs for employees seeking to develop specific skills. These classes offer opportunities for employees to learn new skill sets or expand their current knowledge base. In addition, Amazon collaborates with various educational institutions to provide its workforce with access to specialized courses, ensuring development.

Training Program Focus Area
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training Cloud Computing, Networking
Machine Learning University (MLU) Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Career Choice Program Employee Skill Development


Amazon offers various apprenticeship programs to attract and develop aspiring talent in software development, operations, engineering, and other technical roles. Through these apprenticeships, the company balances on-the-job experience and formal courses, enabling individuals to grow into highly skilled professionals.

Benefits and Compensation

When working at Amazon, employees are offered various benefits and compensation packages. This section will discuss some key aspects of Amazon’s employee benefit offerings, including salary and bonus, paid time off and retirement plan, employee discounts, and other perks.

Salary and Bonus

Amazon employees receive competitive pay based on their position, location, and years of experience. At the same time, the actual amount may vary; all employees working in warehouses, corporate offices, or as software developers can expect to receive a salary that aligns with industry standards. Alongside their regular pay, many Amazon workers are eligible for individual and company performance bonuses. These bonuses represent additional incentives and rewards for employees contributing to Amazon’s ongoing success.

Paid Time Off and Retirement Plan

Paid time off is an essential part of Amazon’s employee benefits package. Full-time employees are entitled to various types of paid leave, such as vacation, sick, and personal time. The amount of paid time off increases with an employee’s tenure at the company. Additionally, Amazon offers its employees a comprehensive retirement plan, including options like a 401(k) with company match and various investment choices. This ensures that Amazon employees have a secure financial future.

Employee Discount and Other Perks

Working at Amazon also offers various discounts and perks to enhance the employee experience. Employees receive an annual discount on purchases, allowing them to save on personal shopping. Aside from this, Amazon offers a series of other perks, such as access to exclusive corporate events, professional development programs, and opportunities for career advancement. Amazon encourages its employees, including those without degrees or college backgrounds, to develop new skills and explore various career paths within the company.

In summary, Amazon provides a competitive package of benefits and compensation that attracts and retains employees, ensuring job satisfaction and a positive work environment.

Amazon Work Locations and Roles

Amazon, a major online retailer, operates from various locations in multiple states across the United States and worldwide. These locations mainly include fulfillment centers, warehouses, corporate offices, tech hubs, delivery drivers, and Flex positions.

Fulfillment Centers and Warehouses

Fulfillment centers and warehouses are the backbone of Amazon’s operations. They are responsible for storing, packaging, and shipping goods to customers. These facilities are spread across different states, requiring numerous jobs, ranging from warehouse associates to managers. To work at an Amazon fulfillment center or warehouse, a potential employee might need a minimum of a high school diploma or GED, depending on the role. Most of the general issues demand on-the-job training and offer opportunities for career growth.

Corporate Offices and Tech Hubs

Amazon’s corporate offices and tech hubs house the company’s administrative and technical teams. These offices are located in various states and handle crucial functions like strategic management, finance, human resources, marketing, and software development. Working at a corporate office or tech hub requires employees to have a higher education and experience than fulfillment centers. Positions range from entry-level to executive roles. Qualification requirements for these roles vary based on the position but typically include a bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field.

Delivery Drivers and Flex Positions

In addition to fulfillment and corporate operations, Amazon employs delivery drivers to ensure products reach customers promptly. Amazon partners with local delivery service providers and operates its fleet of Amazon-branded vans. They also offer Flex positions for independent contract drivers who use their vehicles to deliver packages. A valid driver’s license and a good driving record are necessary for delivery driver positions. Flex positions offer a more flexible schedule and allow drivers to choose their working hours.

These diverse roles and locations cater to various skill sets and qualifications, ensuring Amazon can remain a leading online retailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age for Amazon jobs?

The minimum age for most positions at Amazon is 18 years old. However, some exceptions exist, such as the Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) Program, which offers internship opportunities for students ages 16 and older.

What is the eligibility for teens at Amazon?

While most Amazon jobs require candidates to be at least 18 years old, there are some exceptions for younger individuals. For example, Amazon Future Engineer internships are available for students aged 16 and up, who are pursuing studies in computer science or a related field.

Does Amazon hire high school students?

Although most jobs at Amazon are targeted towards adults, high school students may find opportunities through the Amazon Future Engineer Program. These internships help students gain valuable work experience while learning more about the technology industry.

What is the effect of a diploma on an Amazon job?

Having a high school diploma or equivalent is generally required for most entry-level positions at Amazon. For specialized positions, a related degree or experience is often expected. Overall, having a diploma or relevant education can help increase your chances of securing a job with the company.

What is the Amazon job age requirements?

Job age requirements at Amazon mainly depend on the type of job you’re applying for. While the majority of jobs require candidates to be at least 18 years old, certain programs like the Amazon Future Engineer internships allow younger individuals (16 years and older) to apply.

Amazon and older workers

Amazon values diversity in their workforce and does not discriminate based on age. Older workers are encouraged to apply, as long as they meet the job requirements and qualifications. Job seekers are evaluated based on their skills and experience, rather than their age.

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