Standing vs. Sitting Desk: Which Is Right for You?

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By Jacob Maslow

The work-from-home culture has proven itself viable over the past few years. Ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many professional positions have been shifted to a work-from-home environment to combat the contagious nature of the virus. However, this was initially seen as something of a temporary solution. However, that perspective was quick to change when the work-from-home culture proved viable, saw productivity levels increase, and had employees reporting higher levels of work-life balance than ever before.

While the work-from-home environment is likely here to stay in a much more permanent way than initially thought, it has also created a surge in the market for home office equipment. This includes desks for home offices and accompanying chairs, monitors, storage space, and organizational tools.

The workstation desk is a popular place to start outfitting your home office. This is because the desk is sort of the centerfold of the home office if you will. As such, one of the first questions you may need to answer is whether or not you want a traditional desk or a standing desk.

The Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

Standing desks can be great for those specifically focused on their health. The sedentary office lifestyle can be tough on a person’s body and leaves little time for exercise unless there’s some significant effort on the part of the individual. Even if free time is left over for a workout, many people sink so much into their work that when that time is finally available, they’re too tired to use it.

With all of this in mind, it makes that sense that standing desks are popular among those who are looking for ways to incorporate a little more activity into their workday so they can meet their health and wellness goals.

Standing desks offer a lot of great health benefits. They allow the user to stretch, correct their posture, and even adjust their blood flow throughout the day while continuing to get work done. For those who can’t find time outside of work for exercise and those who are just committed to meeting their health and wellness goals in the new year, investing in a standing desk could make a lot of sense.

Comparing Cost

When it comes to cost, there’s almost no question that you’ll save money opting for a traditional sitting desk over a pricey new-aged standing desk. This is simply because of the technology and design that goes into creating and producing functional standing desks. A standing desk, despite its name, is entirely adjustable and can be shifted down to a sitting height if that’s more comfortable. The main difference is that it can also be raised to a comfortable height for the user to work while standing. This design and flexibility require a certain amount of technology to be integrated, almost immediately raising the price alongside the work surface.

If your goals are more budget focused in 2023 and the new year, a traditional desk may be a better option based on pricing alone.

Sitting at a Standing Desk

As mentioned above, the main advantage of a standing desk over a traditional desk is that most are totally adjustable. This means they can be used as a conventional sitting desk because let’s face it, no one wants to be standing all day long, as well as a standing desk.

This gives the user ultimate flexibility when it comes to finding comfort and activity throughout their work day and work week.

Traditional Desks

Traditional desks offer a lot of options and versatility as well. For instance, one of the main advantages that traditional desks boast over standing desks is their durability, stability, and storage capacity. Because of the adjustment and flexibility required for a standing desk, these designs often don’t include robust storage or organizational amenities.

On the other hand, traditional desks are built with these exact office amenities in mind and often offer ample storage and organization for your home office.

Choosing What’s Right for You

Everyone’s a little bit different and has other preferences regarding their work routine and environment. As such, it’s genuinely up to you to choose the desk that will be right for how you work.

A standing desk will be a great option if you want more flexibility and activity throughout the workday to keep your blood flow moving. If you’re looking for more storage and stability, perhaps you’ll be happier with a more traditional desk.

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