Six Reasons to Quit Smoking This Year

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By Richard

Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health; over 50% of adults who smoke try to quit each year. Nicotine is highly addictive and increases your dopamine levels in the reward circuits located in your brain. The withdrawal symptoms are difficult to overcome, so many people will turn to vaping, patches, gum, nicotine pouches, and other alternatives in an attempt to quit smoking. Maybe you’re searching for other reasons to muster up the willpower to kick the habit for good. Continue reading and discover six key reasons to quit smoking this year below.

Your Wallet 

Everyone smokes at different frequencies, but keeping up the habit can become expensive over time, and your wallet can take a significant hit year after year. If you smoke a single pack daily, you might spend roughly $1,916 yearly. This doesn’t even include the cost of lighters and matches. Smoking cigarettes causes a variety of health issues, and this could lead to several medical expenses as well. Quit smoking, and you might be surprised how much more money you’ll find in your find account and your wallet.

Nicotine Pouches 

Plenty of tobacco-derived alternatives are on the market for people looking to quit smoking. Some people turn to lozenges or gum, but another potential option is nicotine pouches. Nicotine pouches are highly discreet and can be used just about anywhere. They don’t stain your teeth and are often odorless. Nicotine pouches won’t damage your lungs thanks to the lack of smoke and feature food-grade ingredients and edible green leaves. They come in a wide range of flavors; even nicotine-free versions are on the market. This credible alternative could help you on your journey to quitting smoking for good.

Secondhand Smoke 

Secondhand smoke can harm everyone around you, including friends and family. According to, secondhand smoke increases the chances of stroke, lung cancer, and heart attacks in others, even if they don’t indulge in cigarettes. More than 7,000 chemicals are present in secondhand smoke, which can be highly detrimental to those inhaling the smoke. Also, third-hand smoke lingers in clothes, furniture, and hair, so if someone lives with you, they can still be exposed to these dangers in many ways. If you care about your loved ones, this might be the motivation you need to stop smoking.

Youthful Skin 

You might be surprised that regular smoking can increase wrinkles and bad skin. Nicotine is absorbed into the skin, causing apoptosis, otherwise known as cell death. Smoking hurts collagen and elastin, making your skin look firm and plump. Inhaling cigarettes can also add wrinkles around your mouth, known as classic smoker’s wrinkles. Smoking also causes sagging skin, pigmentation, and age spots. Quitting smoking could help you look more youthful and give you time to turn back the clock regarding skin health.

Aside from the negative effects of smoking on your skin, this dentist who does dental implants in Chattanooga also adds that smoking harms your dental and oral health. It can cause issues such as teeth staining and periodontitis.

Overall Health 

Smoking has a dramatically negative impact on your health as well as your longevity. Quitting will help you decrease your chance of several cancers and improve your quality of life. After you quit, your body will naturally begin repairing the damage from smoking. You’ll notice your lung function improve, your shortness of breath decrease, and your stroke risk decreases. Your blood pressure will drop, and your heart rate will improve. It’s a no-brainer to quit smoking and get your health in order.

Smell Better 

No matter how much cologne or perfume you spray, it can’t cover the distinct smell of cigarettes. Cigarettes, despite a carcinogenic residue on many things such as your home, car, clothes, hair, and many other places, cause a bad smell. Smoking also dulls your senses, particularly smell and taste. Sensory cell production decreases over time, and so does your enjoyment of certain scents and tastes. If you quit smoking, you’ll begin smelling better and relishing your senses again.


According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, 70% of adults want to quit smoking. Kicking this addiction, however, is easier said than done. Thankfully, there are many reasons to quit smoking that might give you the motivation to pull it off. These reasons include increasing your wallet amount, turning to alternatives such as nicotine pouches, and getting rid of secondhand smoke. Quitting smoking will make your skin more youthful, improve your overall health, and help you smell better in every sense of the word. If you embrace any of these six reasons to quit smoking highlighted above, it could drastically improve your quality of life, and you could breathe easy knowing you made the right decision.

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