Samsung may be planning new 360-degree VR camera called the Gear 360

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By Larry Banks

Virtual Reality (VR) has had something of a resurgence of late, with major companies like Samsung, Google, YouTube, Facebook, HTC, and many more all getting in on the act. Witness the explosion of new VR-related product announcements at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

And now, a trademark for the name “Gear 360” has just been registered in Samsung’s home country of South Korea, hinting at what the electronics giant may have up its sleeve for capturing 360-degree virtual reality video clips.

Samsung has not confirmed the news, however it’s already common knowledge that the firm has been working on a larger multi-camera setup called Project Beyond. It would also make sense in having a more consumer-friendly product too.

Until there’s an official announcement, price and availability of the Gear 360 remains unknown, but it’s something to watch out for in the next few months especially in the run up to Mobile World Congress in March.

Other companies like Nokia and GoPro are also working on virtual reality cameras. GoPro is rumoured to be developing a compact camera that can record in every direction at once. So for anyone interested in 360-degree filmmaking, 2016 is going to be a very interesting year indeed.

SOURCE: SamMobile.

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