Samsung to launch new Galaxy Note 5 in July

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By Larry Banks

Samsung makes several dozens smartphones, including all the variants of each device for different markets, but the two that are almost certainly guaranteed to be huge hits every year are its flagship Galaxy series of smartphones, and its Galaxy Note range. Samsung normally waits until the fall to release new models of its phablet range, but this year the company is said to be prepping the Galaxy Note 5 for a July launch.

Galaxy Note 5 phablet expected in July

Samsung is expected to bring forward its announcement in a move to undercut Apple, which is said to unveil the iPhone 6s in September as usual. The launch of the Galaxy Note 5 would also coincide with the new Samsung Pay mobile payments service, one that will work with any standard credit card and NFC terminal.

Galaxy Note 5

A prototype of the Galaxy Note 5 is expected to be ready next month, according to WhoWiredKorea, and the company is expected to demonstrate it to mobile phone operators before the end of July.

The Galaxy Note 4 is the biggest competitor to Apple’s 5.7-inch phablet the iPhone 6 Plus, but where Apple has been selling millions of iPhones, Samsung has been struggling over the past year or so. The firm is surely pinning its hopes on the new Note 5 to give customers a reason to pick a Galaxy over an iPhone.

It’s too soon at the moment to know exactly what specifications the Galaxy Note 5 will offer, but some insiders say that the phone will feature either a 2K or a 4K resolution screen and will be powered by one of Samsung’s own custom Exynos processors, rather than those by chip maker Qualcomm.

Either way, we will know more details about the rumoured July launch in a month or so…

SOURCE: WhoWiredKorea.

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