Rise of the Robots Begins in February

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By Jacob Maslow

Softbank Group (TYO:9984) has been enjoying fantastic success with every single unit of their Pepper Robot selling out each month since their release.

The robots are designed for businesses, and while Softbank only releases 1000 units per month, so far they have been flying off the shelves, with Nissan, Mizuho Financial Group and Nestle all lining up to grab them.

Softbank announced yesterday that it will now open an “app” store for the robots on February 22nd, allowing those who own them to download apps and put them to work on various tasks. Pepper Bots already welcome and take order from customers in Nestle stores and can promote deals, offers, and products in other business establishments.

Pepper bots have a human-like range of movement, can imitate body human language and even imitate sleeping while in standby mode.

Just what will they be capable of? The launch of the app store is intended to attract developers and increase the range of tasks Pepper Bots can complete.

February 22nd will see a store with multiple apps available although Softbank did not specify the exact number. No doubt they will increase thick and fast as the trend catches on and we witness the rise of the world’s first humanoid robots for business.


Images Courtesy of DepositPhotos