Video Content Hacks: Tips to Look Like a Pro

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By Jacob Maslow

Creative and well-done video content is an essential part of marketing for businesses today, but it’s not always easy to create a stunning video that customers will enjoy. Learning how to use the camera like a pro to create amazing videos takes time and practice. Some tips to help look like a pro when creating videos include the following.

Consider the Light Sources

Pay attention to the lighting. The easiest way to create video content that looks amazing is to have fantastic lighting. If it’s too dark in the room, it’s going to be more difficult for customers to see everything. Added lighting sources in the room can improve the light and the video.

Have a Clean Background

A clean background means focusing on the person or products, not on whatever is behind them. Keep areas behind the person clear, with minimal to no decor and few colors. If necessary, hang a sheet behind the person to block out anything the viewer shouldn’t see or that could be distracting.

Know How to Edit the Videos

It’s important to know how to edit videos and what to do to make necessary changes. Perhaps something happened during a part of the video and it needs to be replaced with a new version. Maybe the audio isn’t clear during a portion of the video. Editing can help fix these and other issues to create a more professional video. 

Make Sure the Audio is Clear

Viewers won’t be interested in the video if they can’t hear what’s happening. Make sure the audio is clear and crisp throughout the video so it’s easy to understand what the person is talking about or the details of the products being showcased. Consider adding captions to the video for those who are hearing impaired.

Consider a Script of What to Say

Writing down a script can make it easier to avoid going off-topic during the video. The script can be detailed, with every word planned, or it can be just notes about what to talk about and how much time it should take for each topic. Depending on the length of the video, a script may be needed to keep things moving and prevent the video from becoming too long. 

Use a Tripod

A quality tripod is crucial when taking videos. For photos and videos, tripods can help keep the camera sturdy, preventing camera shake and other issues. Before starting, learn how to use the tripod, including any features like remote camera access to turn the camera on and off without having to stand next to the tripod. 

Practice Appearing in Videos

Practice making videos. In the beginning, it’s not necessary to talk about anything important and the videos can be deleted as soon as they’re created. Just practice getting in front of the camera and talking to the viewers. Once a script is ready, practice the script in front of the camera to feel more comfortable before starting to record. 

If you’re ready to start creating videos, take the time to practice and learn. Gather the right equipment, learn how to use it, and check out special features that might make it easier to create an amazing video. With the right setup and knowledge, you can easily make videos that look like they’re professionally done.

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