North Korea may be preparing for missile launch, Japan says

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North Korea may be preparing to carry out a ballistic missile launch in the next few days, Japanese officials say, citing radio signals which have in the past preceded missile launches. North Korea has not carried out any missile launches since mid-September.

The Japanese government raised its vigilance on Monday after it detected radio signals from North Korea, according to the Japanese news agency Kyodo, which cited government officials. Only few details were immediately available.

“There is a possibility of missile launches in the next few days,” one official said, adding that the Japanese government is analyzing the situation carefully. The official added that a missile launch could be part of the North Korean army’s winter training.

North Korea has previously used radio signals to transmit information prior to ballistic missile launches, though in several cases no launch followed such radio signals. North Korea’s most recent missile launch happened on September 15, when it flew a missile over Japan.

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