Apple Watch 2 won’t be released in March

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By Larry Banks

Last year there were rumours that Apple would launch the Apple Watch 2 in March with various improvements, but a recent report via TechCrunch suggests that the device may instead be released later in 2016.

TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino claims that new design partnerships and accessories will be available in March, but a proper second-gen Apple Watch 2 is not to be expected. Panzarino says that a March Apple event is a possibility however, but it may instead be for a new 4-inch iPhone 6c, and possibly other new products such as Macs.

Several things that I’ve heard (from several sources) indicate to me that we won’t see a new hardware model of the Apple Watch in March. Design partnerships, accessories, that kind of thing maybe but not a “Watch 2.0″ with a bunch of new hardware features like a camera. I could be wrong, of course, but I’ve heard enough to put it out there.

Panzarino also says his sources believe supply chain checks have not indicated a next generation model is underway. Additionally, he says there’s been no “major action” in the software side of things that would suggest a new watch within months.

As with anything related to Apple hardware announcements, the tea leaves are hard to read and the companies plans can change (the advantage of never publicly announcing hardware). But as of now, March seems like it’s a bit too early to count on Watch 2.0.

Apple Watch hasn’t even been out for a full year at this point (even though it was first announced in October 2014). If Apple Watch 2 was released at the same time as the iPhone 7, that would give an upgrade cycle of 18 months, which is longer than most Apple products except for the Apple TV.

There have also not been any leaks of Apple Watch 2, suggesting the TechCrunch report could be accurate. Rumours suggest that the next-generation Apple Watch could start production later in January, and meanwhile Mark Gurman, popular tech blogger, says that plans could change.


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