Microsoft demonstrates Windows PC the size of a lipstick

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By Larry Banks

Microsoft has demonstrated a Windows PC the size of a tube of lipstick, that plugs into an HD television and can display apps, games, and Microsoft Office.

The Windows future of computing?

The machine, which was showed off in Korea last week, has been described by the software giant as a “future computer”.

The tiny device will be on sale from May, with either Windows 8.1 or the upcoming Windows 10 (later in the year), and was demonstrated running streamed TV shows connected to a 55-inch screen, while updating users with emails via Microsoft Office.

It’s not yet known when the new machine, made by Korean company Lucom, will go on sale in other markets, but companies like Google have already had moderate success with gadgets like Chromecast, which plugs into televisions in a similar way.

Microsot Lucom Windows PC Promo

The new “PC on a stick” has quite capable specifications for such a small gadget, with an Intel CPU, up to 2 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of storage, which is expandable to 128 GB via an SD card.

The device weighs just 46g, and is four inches long. It was unveiled by Microsoft Korea as part of a massive range of Windows machines, including tablets and laptops.

The launch is just the latest addition to a category that has recently been expanding. Taipei-based company Hannspree also launched a similar PC on a stick earlier this year, that plugs into HD televisions and connects to home networks usng Wi-Fi. That gadget, which is actually called PC On a Stick, costs around $250.

Dell has also shown a USB PC that plugs into televisions called the Dell Cast, aimed more at business users who want to stream content from Dell Venue Windows-based tablets.

The PC on a stick market looks set to expand further in the coming years, as the devices become more powerful and can handle many of the functions of traditional set-top boxes.

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