Microsoft Surface Phone may launch in 2017 in 3 flavours

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By Larry Banks

Even though Microsoft no longer appears to be focusing on the Windows Phone platform, several sources have told tech site Windows Central that the Redmond-based software company will bring several new Surface Phones to the public in 2017.

Sources say there will be three versions of the device targeted at various price points. And it seems that Surface Phone would replace the defunct Lumia brand, although Microsoft is said to be giving Windows Mobile time to mature before any new hardware is released.

In particular, the firm might be thinking of letting the Anniversary update for Windows take hold before it releases new hardware to consumers. And now with Universal Apps becoming a central tenet of Windows in the future, Microsoft will no doubt want a more robust app platform before trying to encourage users to use Windows Phone again.

Fans of Windows may have a long wait however. The Surface Phones are believed not to be arriving until at least 2017…

SOURCE: Windows Central.

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