Mexican soccer player Alan Pulido rescued after kidnapping

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Mexican soccer player Alan Pulido, who was kidnapped by a group of gunmen after leaving a party in the northern state of Tamaulipas, has been rescued, local officials said on Monday. He is said to be unharmed.

Pulido, who is 25, was kidnapped on Saturday night when his car was intercepted by several SUVs after he and his girlfriend left a party in Ciudad Victoria, which is the capital of Tamaulipas. His girlfriend was unharmed and left behind.

The Tamaulipas Coordination Group reported that a joint operation on Sunday involving both federal and state forces led to the safe recovery of Pulido. He was found after he managed to call police while his kidnappers were distracted.

Authorities found Pulido in a safe house in the southern part of Ciudad Victoria, which is also his hometown. One of his captors was arrested and confessed to being part of a local gang, but police are continuing to search for three additional men who were involved in the kidnapping.

Pulido is a striker for Greek club Olympiacos F.C. and was a part of Mexico’s 2014 World Cup team, though he did not appear in any of the matches.

Ciudad Victoria has experienced numerous gun attacks over the past years. The number of reported kidnappings in Tamaulipas is among the highest in Mexico and as such it is one of the country’s most violent states.

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