Mark Zuckerberg wants to record daughter’s first steps in virtual reality

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By Larry Banks

In a live chat in Berlin this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the audience that he wanted to capture his daughter Max’s first steps using virtual reality (VR).

“I’ve been thinking about when my daughter takes her first steps, how I want to capture it”, the Zuckerberg.

When I took my first steps, my parents wrote it in a book with a pen. When my cousins’ child took her first steps, she took a picture with her camera. And when my older sister’s son took his first steps, she took a video on her smartphone.

But when my daughter does, I hope we have a 360 camera that can capture the whole scene, so if my family isn’t there to experience it, I can send it to them afterwards — or it would be real-time enough where I could stream it to them live. They could put on a headset or get a message and feel like they’re really there and experiencing it.

The progression is an interesting one, from text to analog era photography and recording to digital captures on a smartphone and now to the next generation of imaging, virtual reality.

Facebook is betting big on the future of virtual reality after the company bought Oculus VR back in 2014 for around $2 billion. Virtual reality’s success will depend on the accessibility and affordability of content and hardware, and the Oculus device, which launches on March 28th for around $600, could be the key device that brings VR to the masses.

“I think VR is going to be really profound”, Zuckerberg said. “Not only being able to capture real things in a much more visceral way, but being able to construct different things that wouldn’t be possible”.


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