Looking for a Future-Oriented Chip Maker? Try SanDisk

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By Jacob Maslow

CF CardIf you use a Mac Air, you are using a solid state drive. This is a hard drive on a chip, and this technology makes the very thin form factor of the Mac Air possible. It’s very easy to see the revenue potential of a company that specializes in hard drives that are very small and are mounted on a chip. As the prices of such storage technology continue to sink over the coming years, expect solid players in solid state storage solution to benefit handsomely.
One key company to keep an eye for is SanDisk (NASDAQ:SNDK). As awesome as its storage products may be in PCs, tablets, and smartphones, its biggest market is the fast-growing data center technology sector. You have to remember that as global computing and Internet, content consumption moves more rapidly towards wireless mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Players like SanDisk are well-positioned to benefit tremendously. This is of course not a slam dunk.

If you are looking for a company that is well-positioned and reported a bad quarter, Sandisk may be a good choice. It’s currently trading below $85, and many analysts are targeting that the stock would be worth around $91 to $92.

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