Intel Might Be the Surprise Technology Turnaround Stock You’ve Been Looking for

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By Jacob Maslow

Belgrade - Januar 29, 2014: Google Image Search For Intel Logo PLet’s face it, finding a good stock to invest in currently is really like looking a needle in a hay stack. Thanks to quantitative easing both on this side of the pond and in Europe, it has gotten harder and harder to find a good stock deal.

It’s very easy to understand why. When the US Federal Reserve implemented its quantitative easing policy, all these cheap money flooded the equities market. Not surprisingly, most of the companies worth investing in got saturated. There’s still enough money left over so that cash ended up inflating riskier and riskier equities.

Unfortunately, companies like Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) have been left behind, thanks to the fact that it got caught relatively flat-footed with the tremendous change in chip technology. Intel is still firmly desktop and laptop chip maker. However, if you look at global computing trends, the obvious picture that becomes apparent is that the future would be strictly mobile. We’re talking about smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets that are yet to be invented. That’s where the trend is and unfortunately, Intel missed the bus on that. It’s not a surprise then that the stock market has been quite rough on Intel. It hasn’t been appreciating as well as the rest of the S&P 500.

Expect this company to turn around as it shifts more and more of its design, manufacturing, and marketing infrastructure and firepower towards the mobile market. Will it happen overnight? Probably not. However, considering the fact that this company pays a nice 3.13% dividend, this company might be a good buy at its current price of less than $33. If you’re looking for a sleeper stock, Intel might be the stock to consider. Moreover, remember that Intel is one of the most solid global brands in the chip design, manufacturing, and marketing space.

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