LG tapped to manufacture Google’s next Nexus smartphone

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By Larry Banks

After various online reports that have suggested a Chinese smartphone company may build the next generation Nexus smartphone for Google, a new report from South Korea indicates that the company behind two existing Nexus devices may be working on another one this year.

LG to manufacture the new Nexus

Google engineers have been spotted at LG headquarters in South Korea, with Etoday claiming that LG may be tapped to manufacturer the new Nexus handsets, having already created the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 previously, which were all popular with Nexus fans.

One of the more recent rumours said that Google is considering LG and a Chinese company, which then turned out to be Huawei, for the next-gen Nexus device. Though Google is said to be a long way from confirming the reports. The software giant usually launches a new Nexus smartphone late every year, timing the release with the next version of Android.

LG is also apparently developing a “Nooo” device with Google, said to be more akin to a phone rather than a tablet. Google executives have visited several locations, including LG Display and other facilities that make smartphone components, such as wireless charging modules and special cameras that include optical image stabilisation.



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