Investing in Internet Stocks? Demand Mobile App Presence

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By Jacob Maslow

finance appIf you have been paying attention to a lot internet companies, you would notice that a lot of them have rolled out a mobile-specific app for their content. This is a brilliant move. Based on recent market data, 88% of mobile users’ time is spent viewing apps. This is very important to note because this means that only 12% of their time is spent viewing the mobile web. The mobile web is simply a mobile-friendly version of a website. That is the technology of the past. If internet companies want to remain relevant in an increasingly mobile age, they have to release and update mobile-specific apps.

This isn’t just a resized version of their website. The app should truly pack features that play up the content value of the website. Considering how fast content consumption is growing on mobile, it would really be foolish for internet companies to hold off on producing a mobile-specific experience for their user base. Companies that resist this trend face a user base erosion. Moreover, they might be missing out on the fast-growing trend of mobile app monetization. If you are looking to invest in internet stocks or any kind of social networking company, pay attention to their mobile app strategy. This is especially crucial if you are investing at the angel investor or venture capital stage. If they don’t have a mobile app or don’t have plans for such an app, it is a good idea to ditch that investment opportunity.

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