LG have made an 18-inch screen that can roll up

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By Larry Banks

South Korean company LG Display, a subsidiary of LG, has developed a prototype 18-inch screen that will be demoed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week, and can roll up like a newspaper.

The technology stems from the company’s OLED work that is developing bendable, rollable, and curved displays. Similar screens were also shown off last year as a proof of concept, but largely kept behind closed doors. But now it seems that LG is ready to reveal the displays to the wider world.

Of course, this kind of display has been seen from electronics companies such as Sony, Samsung and Sharp, but it does suggest that LG believes futuristic displays like these can be used to differentiate smartphones, tablets and televisions. LG thinks such screens could be rolled up or wrapped around interiors, and the firm will show a similar 25-inch curved version installed inside a car in the Auto Zone section of the show.

In the next few days, the tech press will get to have a closer look during CES, as well as more details of a new 55-inch paper thin TV.

SOURCE: The Verge.

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