Lenovo may release a Moto-branded smartphone in July

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By Larry Banks

Lenovo’s CEO, Yuanqing Yang, says that the Chinese firm will launch a new smartphone for the US in July, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

Earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the company announced that the Motorola brand name will be phased out around the world.

Pretty much the only new information we know about the device as reported The Wall Street Journal is that it will be “more innovative, more attractive” and launch this July. Since Yang was referring to the US market, the phone will likely launch under the Moto lineup. Last year’s devices were also announced during July but were’s actually available until September.

With the Motorola brand being phased out, Lenovo appears to be keeping the Moto name only for the high-end devices. They also said this month that all Moto phones this year will include a fingerprint sensor and be larger than 5-inches. A related rumour last year also showed designs that appear very different from previous Moto devices. The much-loved contoured shape, has given way instead to a flatter metal design.

The changes are perhaps not innovative, but a new design will surely help the company as it tries to win more consumers in the US smartphone market. The WSJ interview also revealed that Lenovo will focus on emerging markets such as the Middle East, India, and Africa, much like many other smartphone makers struggling to survive in a global slowdown.

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal.

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