Juneau Mayor Greg Fisk found dead at Kennedy Street home

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Juneau Mayor Greg Fisk has been found dead in his home on Kennedy Street, police say, just over a month after he took office as the mayor of Alaska’s state capital.

The Juneau Police Department said a 911 call was received at about 3:34 p.m. on Monday from a man who reported having found a deceased person inside a residence in the 400 block of Kennedy Street. JPD officers and Capital City Fire/Rescue responded to the residence, where the 70-year-old mayor was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Erann Kalwara provided no other details about the circumstances or cause of Fisk’s death, but said more information would be available later on Monday night. “The situation was an unattended death and is still being actively investigated,” Kalwara said by email. She could not say whether there were any suspicious circumstances.

Fisk was elected mayor on October 6, defeating incumbent mayor Merrill Sanford with 65.9 percent of the vote. He assumed office on October 20.

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