Japan and Taiwan Stock Markets Rebound on Tuesday

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By Jacob Maslow

Japan and Taiwan stocks both experienced gains on Tuesday following positive data out of China. Japan had gains in several sectors, including power, steel and gas, and water. The Nikkei 225 hit a three-month high, closing at 1.34%.

The top performers in Japan today included Yokogawa Electric Corp. (T:6841), which ended today up 4.97%; and Sumitomo Chemical Co. (T: 4005), which rallied 4.39% on the day.

Japan stocks that suffered the biggest loss on the day include Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. (T: 3105), falling 3.57% on the day; and Heiwa Real Estate (T: 8803), which suffered a loss of 2.91%.

Crude oil delivery is up 0.8% for January, reaching $41.98 a barrel. Brent oil scheduled for delivery in January also rose 0.63% to end at $44.83 a barrel.

Taiwan’s markets experienced gains in the cement, cement and glass, and auto industries. Taiwan markets were up 1.71% on the day, with Darfon (TW: 8163) rallying 9.97% on the day and Neo Solar Powe closing 9.96% higher.

Taiwan’s worst performers included Twinhead Intl. (TW: 2364), which closed down 5.63% on the day. Aoc (TW: 6289) also fell 5.17% on the day.

On the Taiwan Stock Exchange, 668 stocks closed higher, while 172 stocks declined. Five stocks remained unchanged at closing.

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