The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Jewish Wedding Gift

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By Jacob Maslow

A Jewish wedding is a joyous occasion filled with meaningful rituals and customs that have been passed down through generations. One such tradition is the giving of gifts to the newlywed couple, which not only celebrates their love and commitment to each other but also helps them build their new life together. As a guest attending a Jewish wedding, you may find yourself wondering what type of gift is appropriate and meaningful.

Many options exist for Jewish wedding gifts, ranging from traditional Judaica items to more modern and personalized choices. While it is essential to consider the couple’s tastes and preferences in selecting the ideal gift, incorporating aspects of Jewish culture and tradition can lend a touch of sentimentality and rich symbolism to your present.

When browsing for the perfect Jewish wedding gift, consider items related to the couple’s religious practices, such as Shabbat candlesticks or a menorah, and those that reflect their interests and style. Ultimately, the thought and care you infuse into choosing a meaningful, culturally relevant gift will undoubtedly enhance the couple’s cherished memories of their special day.

Significance of Jewish Wedding Gifts

Mazel Tov and Jewish Traditions

Jewish wedding gifts hold special meaning and significance in Jewish culture. These gifts often symbolize happiness, blessing, and prosperity for the newlywed couple. The common expression “Mazel Tov” conveys a wish for good luck and fortune. Jewish traditions emphasize giving thoughtful gifts that embody these sentiments.

For instance, some popular Jewish wedding gift ideas include Judaica items such as menorahs, Kiddush cups, or Shabbat candlesticks. These items are not only beautiful, but they also hold deep religious and cultural significance. Gifting such items, the giver wishes to strengthen the couple’s bond with their Jewish heritage and spiritual practices.

Meaningful Concept of Chai

Another meaningful component of Jewish wedding gifts revolves around the concept of “Chai.” Chai, represented by the Hebrew letters ח (chet) and י (yud), signifies life and carries a numerical value of 18. Therefore, in Jewish culture, expressing donations or gifting in multiples of 18, such as $36 or $72, is an auspicious gesture.

The tradition of giving gifts in multiple Chai conveys a message of wishing the couple a long, happy, and lively life together. Chai-themed gifts include personalized art pieces, jewelry items, or even donations made to a charitable organization in the couple’s name.

In conclusion, Jewish wedding gifts carry profound significance, fostering the couple’s connection to their heritage while wishing them happiness and prosperity. Whether through timeless Judaica items or meaningful Chai themes, these thoughtful gifts symbolize love, support, and blessings from family and friends.

Name Change Services

Jewish wedding gifts often include thoughtful elements like name change services. These services can be a convenient and efficient way to facilitate changing a last name after marriage, which many newlyweds might appreciate.

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By including name change services like HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change as gifts, guests can show their practical support for the couple’s new chapter in life. These services simplify an often complex and time-consuming task and allow the newlyweds to focus on their relationship and shared future, rather than being overwhelmed with paperwork.

Popular Jewish Wedding Gift Ideas

Kiddush Cup

A Kiddush Cup is a traditional gift for Jewish weddings. It is used during the Shabbat and holiday meals to sanctify the wine or grape juice. These cups come in various designs and materials, like silver, glass, and ceramic. A personalized Kiddush Cup can be a thoughtful and memorable present for the newlyweds.

Challah Cover

A Challah Cover is another practical and beautiful gift idea. It covers the Challah bread on the Shabbat table before reciting the blessing. These covers can be found in various materials such as silk, cotton, or velvet, often featuring intricate designs or embroidery. A monogrammed or customized Challah Cover is a unique and meaningful option.


Candlesticks are essential for observing Jewish traditions like Shabbat and holidays. They hold candles that are lit to usher in these special days. Candlesticks come in diverse styles and materials, from modern glass designs to elegant sterling silver pieces. A set of candlesticks is a timeless and useful gift that the couple will cherish.


A Mezuzah is a scroll containing the Shema prayer, protected by a decorative case. It is affixed to the doorposts of Jewish homes as a symbol of faith and divine protection. Mezuzah cases come in various materials and designs, making them a beautiful and spiritual wedding gift.

Seder Plate

A Seder Plate is used during the Passover holiday to display symbolic foods representing parts of the Passover story. This item comes in various styles, from traditional ceramic plates to contemporary glass designs. A Seder Plate is a thoughtful and significant gift that can be used year after year.

Shabbat-related Items

Shabbat-related items make perfect wedding gifts, which will become integral to the couple’s weekly observance. Some ideas include Shabbat tablecloths, challah boards, and hot plate covers. In addition, these items can often be personalized, making them even more special and meaningful.

Havdalah Set

A Havdalah Set marks the end of Shabbat and consists of a Havdalah candle, a spice container, and a wine cup. Havdalah sets are available in various materials and designs, making a beautiful and functional gift for any Jewish wedding.

Tips for Selecting a Jewish Wedding Gift

Know the Couple’s Preferences

When choosing a gift for a Jewish wedding, it’s essential to consider the couple’s preferences and interests. Some couples may be more traditional, while others may have contemporary tastes. If you know the couple well, try to choose a gift that reflects their style and personality. If unsure, you can always ask other friends or family members for suggestions.

Consider the Relationship

Your relationship with the couple plays a significant role in selecting an appropriate gift. Choosing a more meaningful and special gift is essential if they are close friends or relatives. As a guest, consideration should be given to your relationship with the couple, as this will help guide your selection of a suitable wedding gift.

Stay within Your Budget

Remember to stay within your budget when choosing a wedding gift. Various options are available at different prices, so consider what you can afford. It’s the thought and effort behind the gift that matters most, not the monetary value. Sticking to a budget will ensure you can provide a thoughtful gift without added financial stress.

Personalize the Gift

Personalizing the gift can make it more unique and meaningful for the couple. Handmade keepsakes, for example, may be especially appreciated, as they demonstrate the thought and effort put into the gift. In addition, consider a personalized gift that will remind the couple of your relationship with them if possible.

You can select a well-suited and meaningful Jewish wedding gift by considering the couple’s preferences, relationship, and budget and personalizing the gift. This ensures that the happy couple will appreciate and fondly remember your gesture.

Monetary Gifts in Jewish Weddings

Multiples of $18

At Jewish weddings, it is common for guests to give monetary gifts to the newlyweds. The traditional amount offered is in multiples of $18. As mentioned, this number holds great significance in Judaism as the numerical value of the Hebrew word for life, “chai,” is 18. By giving gifts in multiples of $18, individuals bestow blessings of life, luck, and prosperity upon the couple.

Giving a Check or Bill

There are various ways to present monetary gifts at a Jewish wedding. One popular method is giving a check or bill in an envelope. This allows the couple to quickly and discreetly collect the gifts. When giving a check, it’s essential to make it out to the appropriate party, generally both the bride’s and the groom’s names. If unsure, leave the payee section blank and let the couple fill it in themselves.

Charitable Donation

Another meaningful way to celebrate a Jewish wedding is by making a charitable donation in honor of the couple. This act reflects the Jewish value of “tzedakah,” which emphasizes charity and social justice. Sometimes, couples may even ask their guests to donate to a specific charity or cause that holds personal significance to them. By contributing to a charitable organization, guests provide their blessings and support to the couple and practice an important Jewish tradition.

Shopping for Jewish Wedding Gifts

Exploring Judaica Stores

One option is to explore Judaica stores when looking for Jewish wedding gifts. These specialty shops offer various options, including menorahs, challah covers, and items for Shabbat or holidays. These stores typically carry unique and traditional Jewish gift items, focusing on products that hold religious or cultural significance. Judaica stores can be found in major cities, especially those with a large Jewish population.

Navigating Online Marketplaces

Another excellent option for finding Jewish wedding gifts is through online marketplaces such as Etsy. Websites like these offer countless products from artisans worldwide, often providing customization options for a more personalized touch. Many creators on Etsy specialize in Jewish-themed items, making it easy to find the perfect gift for the couple in question. Remember shipping times and costs when ordering online, especially if time is of the essence.

Purchasing from Local Artists in Israel

Consider purchasing from local artists in Israel for a truly unique and authentic Jewish wedding gift. These individuals create stunning works of art, from traditional to modern, often emphasizing their connection to the land and culture. Gifts from Israeli artists have a special meaning and will stand out as a cherished piece in the couple’s home. Options include handcrafted pottery, stunning tapestries, and original paintings or sculptures. To access the works of these artists, explore online galleries, visit local art fairs in Israel, or consult art consultants who specialize in Israeli artwork.


What is an appropriate monetary gift for a Jewish wedding?

Giving monetary gifts in multiples of 18 is customary, as the Hebrew word for life, “chai,” has a numerical value of 18. A common gift amount is $54 or $72, but the appropriate amount may vary depending on your relationship with the couple.

Are there traditional Jewish wedding gifts other than money?

Yes, there are a variety of traditional Jewish wedding gifts, such as:

  • Kiddush Cup: A special cup used for blessing wine during weekly Sabbath and holiday meals.
  • Mezuzah: A decorative case containing a parchment inscribed with a Jewish prayer placed on the doorpost of a Jewish home.
  • Challah Cover: A decorative cloth that covers the challah bread during Shabbat and Jewish holidays.
  • Shabbat Candlesticks: A pair of candlesticks used to hold candles lit on Friday evenings to welcome the Sabbath.

Can I give a non-religious gift at a Jewish wedding?

Non-religious gifts are generally acceptable and appreciated, but it’s essential to be mindful of the couple’s preferences and cultural sensitivities. Practical items or experiences the couple can enjoy together are always good options.

Is it okay to give a gift card or check?

Gift cards or checks are appropriate, particularly if you know the couple’s preferred stores or are unsure about their tastes. Give the gift card or check inside a card with a personal message expressing your good wishes.

Do I need to bring the gift to the wedding?

It is not required to bring the gift to the wedding; many couples prefer to receive their gifts through the mail. However, if you bring the gift to the wedding, make sure it’s clearly labeled with the couple’s names and your name so they can easily send a thank you note.

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