Is HitchSwitch Worth It? Evaluating Name Change Services

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By Jacob Maslow

Navigating the process of changing one’s name after marriage can be a daunting task for newlyweds. With so many forms to fill out and documents to update, it’s no wonder some couples are considering utilizing a name change service such as HitchSwitch. This service is designed to simplify the process by providing users with pre-filled forms, step-by-step instructions, and access to live support.

However, the question arises: is using HitchSwitch genuinely worth it? To answer this question, it’s essential to examine the costs, benefits, and alternatives associated with HitchSwitch. Therefore, this article will dig deeper into the ins and outs of the service, providing valuable information for those considering the leap.

Throughout the article, we will analyze the pricing structure, discuss the potential time and stress saved with the help of HitchSwitch, and evaluate customer feedback to determine the overall value of the service. Ultimately, we aim to guide readers in making an informed decision on whether or not HitchSwitch is the right choice for their name change needs.

What Is HitchSwitch

HitchSwitch is a service that simplifies the name change process after marriage or divorce. They assist in navigating the necessary paperwork and steps required for people to take their new surname legally. The service saves clients valuable time and effort by providing tailored guidance and minimizing bureaucracy.

The company offers different packages to accommodate varying levels of assistance and budget. Clients can complete their paperwork online or receive a hard copy via mail. HitchSwitch then prepares the document, providing detailed instructions and pre-filled forms with the client’s information.

In some cases, a pre-paid mailing envelope may be included to send the paperwork directly to the appropriate government office. The service also offers occasional promotional discounts and bonus items to enhance the user experience further.

Though HitchSwitch primarily focuses on name-change services in the United States, they have a dedicated team to assist clients from various countries with the necessary procedures. This helps individuals navigate the complexities of international name change guidelines.

As a trusted name in the industry, HitchSwitch aims to provide a seamless, hassle-free solution for those seeking a surname change. Their expertise and comprehensive packages have helped thousands of clients confidently embrace their new identities.

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How HitchSwitch Works

Packages Offered

HitchSwitch offers three main packages to cater to a variety of needs:

  • Bronze: This package focuses on name change forms and provides access to the online name change service, including a print-at-home option.
  • Silver: This full-service package includes everything in the Bronze package, along with shipping of the completed paperwork and pre-filled forms via USPS priority mail.
  • Platinum: The package offers additional convenience by pre-populating all necessary forms, priority shipping, and personalized instructions. A free passport photo service is also included.

Process Overview

  1. Choose a package: Select a Bronze, Silver, or Platinum package based on your needs and preferences.
  2. Create an account: Sign up for an account on the HitchSwitch website and provide the required information.
  3. Answer questions: Complete a simple, guided questionnaire that helps ensure all relevant name change forms are prepared accurately.
  4. Review and finalize: Depending on the chosen package, print the necessary forms at home (Bronze) or receive pre-filled forms in the mail (Silver and Platinum). Review and verify the accuracy of all documents.
  5. Prepare required documents: Gather supporting documents, such as marriage certificates, identification, and other relevant materials.
  6. Submit: Follow the personalized instructions provided by HitchSwitch to submit your name change paperwork to the appropriate agencies.

By utilizing HitchSwitch’s services and following the outlined process, individuals can experience a more streamlined and organized name change process. In addition, the different packages ensure a suitable option for every budget and level of convenience desired.

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Is HitchSwitch Worth It

Pros and Cons

HitchSwitch provides a valuable service for those navigating the name change process after marriage. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • It simplifies the name change process, saving time and reducing stress.
  • Provides personalized, step-by-step instructions for each form that needs to be completed.
  • Offers different packages to suit varying levels of assistance and budget constraints.


  • Some individuals may prefer to handle the process themselves at a lower cost.
  • The service does not cover all possible scenarios for name changes, such as non-traditional families or international marriages.

Cost Comparison

When evaluating the cost of HitchSwitch, it’s essential to compare it to other options and consider the time savings provided. Here is a brief comparison:

Option Cost Assistance Level
DIY (Do It Yourself) $0 No assistance; self-guided
HitchSwitch Lite $39 Basic assistance and instructions
HitchSwitch Full-Service $69 Comprehensive assistance and processing on your behalf
HitchSwitch Platinum $99 Premium service, including passport & SSA

HitchSwitch can be seen as worth the money for those who want affordable help with their name change process. Although it costs more than doing it yourself, it can save valuable time and ensure all legal requirements are met. Additionally, the company offers a satisfaction guarantee for its customers, so they can feel confident in their decision to use the service.

Name Change Process

Steps to Changing Your Name

When going through a name change due to marriage or other reasons, it’s essential to follow several steps to ensure a smooth transition. First, obtain a certified copy of the marriage certificate or court order granting the name change. Next, update your social security card with the Social Security Administration (SSA). This should be prioritized, as other updates may require an updated social security card.

After updating with SSA, visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to update your driver’s license. Bring the necessary documents, such as your new social security card, marriage certificate or court order, and proof of residency. Additionally, update your name with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to avoid tax-related issues.

Necessary Documents

When changing your name, you will need various documents for different institutions. Below is a list of the necessary documents and where they are required:

Document Required By
Marriage Certificate or Court Order SSA, DMV, Passport Agency, Banks
Updated Social Security Card DMV, Passport Agency, Banks
Updated Driver’s License Passport Agency, Banks
Proof of Residency DMV

Remember to update your name with insurance providers, banks, professional licensing boards, and credit card companies. Also, consider updating your name on any joint or business accounts. Finally, if you’re hyphenating your last name, consistently use the new name across all platforms.

Giving Hitchswitch as the Perfect Gift for a Newly Married or Divorced Person

The Hitchswitch Name Change Service is the ideal gift for anyone newly married, divorced, or undergoing any other life transition. The full-service package can take care of all paperwork and filing processes associated with a legal name change – so your recipient doesn’t have to stress out about it. For example, they’ll receive step-by-step guidance on changing their name on various documents, including driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, passports, bank accounts, credit cards, car titles, insurance policies, etc.

HitchSwitch Alternatives

If you consider alternatives to HitchSwitch for your name change needs, several options are available. Each alternative has unique features, and their suitability depends on your requirements and preferences.

One popular option is Easy Name Change, which offers similar services to HitchSwitch. In addition, Easy Name Change assists with name change forms and allows you to choose between digital and physical packages. The digital package allows you access to ready-to-go forms, while the physical package includes printed forms and prepaid envelopes for mailing.

Another alternative is a DIY (Do it Yourself) name change, involving researching your specific state, federal, and private company requirements. This option can save you money, but the process may be time-consuming and potentially confusing due to varying processes in different states.

There are also some less comprehensive services available, such as:

  • MissNowMrs: Offers a name change service streamlined for married individuals but with no physical option, only digital.
  • MaidenNameChange: Provides a basic name change service targeting women wanting to revert to their maiden name after divorce.

Below is a comparison table of the different services, highlighting key features and costs:

Service Key Features Cost
Easy Name Change Digital and Physical options $39 – $79
HitchSwitch Digital and Physical options $39 – $99
MissNowMrs Digital-only for married $29.95
MaidenNameChange Digital for a maiden name change approx. $29

Choosing the right service for your name change depends on your situation and preference. Some reasons to opt for an alternative may be cost-effectiveness, personal convenience, or the desire to streamline for a specific circumstance such as marriage or divorce.


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Additional Information


Frequently Asked Questions

HitchSwitch offers assistance in legally changing your name after events like marriage, divorce, or adoption. Many clients have common questions about the process:

  • Voter registration: HitchSwitch helps update your information with the appropriate government offices, ensuring you can exercise your right to vote.
  • Vehicle titles and registration: Services include guiding you through updating your vehicle ownership information.
  • Insurance and utilities: HitchSwitch provides instructions for informing insurance providers and utility companies of name changes.
  • Passports and government identification: The service covers appropriate steps for updating documents like passports and social security cards.
  • Loyalty programs: Assistance is also provided for updating your name in various membership accounts.

Client Reviews and Ratings

changing name

Customers who have used HitchSwitch have shared their experiences in various review platforms:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): HitchSwitch currently holds an A+ rating on the BBB, demonstrating a commitment to addressing customer issues adequately.
  • Client reviews: Most users find the service helpful and easy to follow, though a few wished the process was more streamlined.

Overall, HitchSwitch has garnered positive feedback for its assistance managing name changes with various government and private institutions.

A Look at the Process

HitchSwitch ensures a smooth name change process:

  1. Instructions: The service provides clear, step-by-step instructions for insurance, utilities, government offices, and other matters.
  2. Passport photo: Clients get guidance on where to take a passport photo and send the photo to the appropriate office.
  3. Social security office: HitchSwitch offers assistance updating your name at the social security office, including securing an appointment if necessary.
  4. Marriage license: The service can aid in obtaining a certified copy of a marriage license or other relevant documentation, which is essential for name changes.

With HitchSwitch, clients receive comprehensive support in updating their records after a life event necessitating a name change.

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What is HitchSwitch?

HitchSwitch is a service that simplifies the name change process for newlyweds. They provide a comprehensive package with all necessary forms, instructions, and personalized support to help couples legally navigate the paperwork required to change their names.

How much does HitchSwitch cost?

HitchSwitch offers three packages for customers:

  • Bronze Package: $39 – Includes personalized name change forms and instructions.
  • Silver Package: $69 – Includes everything in the Bronze Package, plus a pre-paid envelope for submission and an e-book guide.
  • Platinum Package: $99 – Includes everything in the Silver Package, plus a dedicated name change concierge who provides personalized support.

What is the processing time for HitchSwitch services?

HitchSwitch typically processes orders within 2-3 business days after receiving the required information from the customers. However, the time it takes for the name change to be completed depends on the processing times of various government agencies.

Is HitchSwitch a legal service?

Yes, HitchSwitch is a legitimate service that assists customers in completing the legal name change process. In addition, they provide comprehensive information on the required forms and filing procedures, ensuring customers submit the correct paperwork for a seamless experience.

Do I need to use HitchSwitch to change my name?

No, using HitchSwitch is not mandatory for a name change. Individuals can complete the process independently by researching, gathering the necessary forms, and contacting the appropriate government agencies. However, HitchSwitch offers convenience and support, making the process more efficient and hassle-free.

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