Iraqi forces retake Islamic State stronghold Ramadi

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Iraqi forces have successfully retaken the central city of Ramadi that had been occupied by the Islamic State (ISIS) group for more than seven months, officials say.

Sabah al-Numani, a spokesman for the force leading the offensive, told the Reuters news agency that Iraqi forces had retaken the government complex in central Ramadi, which is the capital of Al Anbar province. An Al Jazeera reporter also said the city had been retaken.

“By controlling the complex this means that they have been defeated in Ramadi. The next step is to clear pockets that could exist here or there in the city,” al-Numani told Reuters. “The complex is under our complete control, there is no presence whatsoever of Daesh fighters in the complex.”

Earlier on Sunday, Iraqi commanders said that they were encountering resistance from ISIS fighters, who were using suicide bombers, snipers and booby traps. It was not immediately clear if any Iraqi forces or civilians were killed in the offensive, which would mark one of the most significant victories so far in Iraq’s fight against ISIS.

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