European capitals warned of possible attack in coming days

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A number of European capitals have been warned of a possible plot to carry out a shooting or bomb attack in the days between Christmas and New Year, Vienna police say.

“In the days before Christmas, a friendly intelligence service issued a warning to many European capitals, according to which, where gatherings of people take place, in the period between Christmas and New Year, there could be an attack with explosives or a shooting,” Vienna police said in a statement.

The statement said several possible names of attackers were mentioned in the alert, but a review of that information has so far produced no concrete results. Overall, however, there is a specific indication that the threat in this case is more serious than the ongoing threat situation, police said.

As a result, Vienna police have increased security precautions at places where people gather, particularly at events and transportation hubs. It said increased attention would be paid to suitcases, bags, or the frames of bicycles in which explosives could be hidden.

Vienna police did not disclose which other European capitals were also warned, but said other police forces in Europe are also taking security precautions.

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