Investment Software Firm Secures $45 Million

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By Jacob Maslow

InvestCloud, an investment software firm, has attracted some investment of its own. The company provides customers with cloud–based office solutions that benefit investment advisors. Now, InvestCloud has raised growth equity funding of $45 million. FTV Capital, a San Francisco-based company, led the round.

The company’s proprietary platform allows investment managers to customize and build digital experiences that streamline internal operations. The platform features highly configurable modules that incorporate dozens of different financial systems, both internal and external, as well as accounts and products. InvestCloud’s software allows investment managers to handle client management, client communications, operational management, portfolio management, and platform repository.

The company was founded in 2010, and to date has 150,000 users and over 650 clients. InvestCloud supports over $1.4 trillion in assets.

John Wise, CEO and chairman of InvestCloud, said that his company has achieved remarkable momentum by creating a scalable investment platform that any financial institution or investment manager can easily use. Wise went on to say that the company is excited to join forces with capital FTV Capital, a well-respected firm that offers a proven track record of growth equity.

Richard Garman, FTV managing partner, said that InvestCloud had positioned itself as a leader in advanced platforms for wealth managers in just a few short years. He also stated that the company has become the “gold” standard for user experience, and has taken measures to ensure the highest level of security. At one time, digital capability was considered a luxury, but thanks to InvestCloud, it has now become a necessity.

Richard Garman will join the company’s Board of Directors.

The company plans to use its new financing in a smart way: to further invest in the functionality and solution of its platform, expand its global footprint, and enhances customer service. InvestCloud has plans to open offices in Zürich and London next year.

InvestCloud had previously raised $9 million in earlier rounds, which brings external funding to $54 million, according to CrunchBase.


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