How the 1% Prepare for Doomsday

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By Jacob Maslow

The rich are preparing for doomsday. Every three years, it seems like the world is going to end. Climate change, global violence and struggling relationships between countries have people worried that end days are near. Even the 1% are preparing for doomsday, and investors can learn from their actions.

The 1% have learned how to profit from these doomsday prophecies.

Robert Vicino has recently shed some insight into this lucrative market. In 1980, he learned that many of his peers worried about doomsday. A smart investor, he planned to build 1,000 shelters to ensure these wealthy citizens would survive. The owner of the Vivos Project, Robert plans to build massive luxury shelters that only the rich can afford.

Robert’s dream company has struggled to realize its goals. Robert is now back in the news after building a shelter in Indiana. The shelter requires $35,000 for an entry fee, but this exclusive shelter can only hold 80 people. Robert has already secured entries from one of the country’s most prominent surgeons, an unnamed movie star and a colonel of the United States Army. According to his research, most of the individuals that are now his clients fear that the government is not ready for a world disaster.

The company is building a luxury shelter in Germany. Originally a bunker built by the Soviets, the complex, which was unveiled in the beginning of the year, will be able to withstand a nuclear blast, earthquakes, shockwaves, an airline crash, chemical agents and electromagnetic pulses.

An ultra-exclusive bunker, entry fees will be between $3 million and $5 million. The space spans 227,904 ft.²

The complex features an indoor pool, a large media room and of course, space for helicopters to land and bring the wealthy clients to safety. The company also offers the opportunity to have your own doomsday bunker built on your own property.

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