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By Richard

Delancey Real Estate specialises in delivering commercial, societal and environmental outcomes by advising and managing landmark property investment funds. The company achieves this by connecting its experience and long-standing partnerships to property innovation and its creative passion for property.

The flagship equity funds it advises pursue opportunistic and value-added property investments throughout the UK, identifying sector-specific themes that often demonstrate strong fundamentals in special or distressed situations. On behalf of its clients, Delancey Real Estate invests across all industries via public markets, strategic platforms, debt and equity. 

As an investment advisor on several UK social impact property investments, including assets in healthcare, education and residential, Delancey Real Estate strives to achieve the dual objective of delivering solid investment returns while simultaneously achieving measurable social impact. 

Delancey Real Estate manages investment portfolios on behalf of clients , using an institutional framework combined with an entrepreneurial approach to deliver better outcomes and applying a custodian mindset to create long-term value for its investors. 

DOOR is a core plus fund that was established in 2018 through a partnership between Delancey Real Estate and Oxford Properties. DOOR owns a 39% stake in Get Living, a platform created from multi-family investments with the aim of creating a leading build-to-rent operator of large-scale neighbourhoods in the UK. Get Living provides market-leading expertise acquired over several years of operating the country’s most prominent build-to-rent assets. In addition to serving as an advisor to DOOR, Delancey Real Estate also advises DOOR’s joint venture partners in Get Living, which collectively own the remaining 61% share of the platform. 

NW1 Partners was established in 2017 to source property development and investment opportunities across the UK, Europe and the US. The company provides access to multiple sectors, including residential, urban retail and industrial logistics. Delancey Real Estate provides NW1 Partners with strategic support, helping the organisation to identify and pursue overlooked opportunities in the small-cap property investment market. 

Recognising the importance of environment, social and government (ESG) actions and its responsibility to create a positive impact for clients, tenants, borrowers, partners and the wider community, Delancey Real Estate is dedicated to delivering excellence in pursuit of its ESG goals and is a proud signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment scheme. 

All of the investments that Delancey Real Estate advises on are governed by a robust responsible investment strategy, acknowledging the company’s role as the custodian of capital deployed for investors and its responsibility to communities and the surrounding environment. Delancey Real Estate’s strategy is a framework designed to capture all ESG-related protocols and policies, establishing a clear plan to achieve its objectives and goals. Jamie Ritblat, founder and chairman of Delancey Real Estate, explains that the company values the opportunity to do good and is cognisant of its caretaking role of all the assets under its stewardship. 

Across all of its assets under management, Delancey Real Estate supports the target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, aligning with efforts to keep global warming below 1.5°C. In addition, the company has established targets appropriate to its individual investments with the aim of supporting a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. 

Delancey Real Estate has conducted an initial Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) analysis and roadmap exercise, planning out a pathway towards total TCFD alignment. This included a full review of the company’s risk management, governance, strategy, targets and metrics with regard to climate-related risks. 

Fully integrating ESG considerations into its investment analysis and decision-making processes for equity and debt and property financing, Delancey Real Estate is committed to implementing the six principles of Responsible Investment in its investment practices where consistent with the company’s fiduciary duties. 

Conscious of the huge impact that real estate developments have on society, Delancey Real Estate strives to make a positive impact across all of its operations, benefiting consumers, tenants, investors, partners and the wider community. As a property developer, Delancey Real Estate seeks to exert greater control over its contractors and design teams through the introduction of a refurbishment and development brief. 

With extensive experience and expertise in negotiating and securing planning consents for landmark central London residential, office and mixed use regeneration schemes, Delancey Real Estate’s team has successfully delivered complex developments across the capital city. With more than 25 years of experience developing and managing shopping centres, retail warehouse parks and high street retail assets, Delancey Real Estate aims to create destinations that serve as a catalyst for the regeneration of entire neighbourhoods. 

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