Insider Tech Trades and Stocks To Watch Out For

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By Jacob Maslow

Bull RunOn the 9th of Jan the company Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) announced that they would be launching a new video platform. The same day their stocks closed at $39.37 each. The company’s growth for the next five years ahead is an impressive EPS of 73.33%. Therefore, this is one Tech company to watch out for.

Next up, the company Google Inc. trading as (NASDAQ:GOOG) saw CFO Patrick Pichette unload one thousand four hundred and eighty four stocks onto the open market. The total cost of this transaction was $780, 198, 16. Each of the stocks that he unloaded sold at $525.74. Great news for people that had been wanting to get their hands onto this hot flying stock. After the sale, that saw the chief financial officer owning one thousand four hundred and eight shares in the company. His shares are estimated to be worth around $740,242. The last trading move that the company made was down by 0.73% and they closed at $492.55 per stock. Their week’s performance was down by minus four point 15% and their quarterly one was down by minus 9.54%. At the moment they are currently away from their 52 week high by 18.56%.

Marissa A Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo! Inc sold 36,000 shares on the open market on the 8th of Jan. Each stock was sold for $49.64 and the total value of the transaction was an amazing $1.787,040,00. After the trade took place the chief executive officer of the company now owns 2,259,081 of the stock. That is an amazing total of $112,140,780.84; it is all right for some! On the last day of trading Yahoo! Inc. saw, a decline of minus 1.85% and they closed at $48.80 per stock. Their volatility for the week was two point sixty one percent and for the full month, it was 2.20%. Yahoo’s growth in sales over the past five years has been down by -8.30% and their EPS for the next five years is expected to be 34.20%. Their months performance is down by -0.83%

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