How Ziphawk Is Transforming Ridesharing – Huge Potential for Disruption in the Industry

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By Jacob Maslow

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a rise in ride-share apps that allow drivers to sign up to offer rides to the general public in their spare time. This model will enable drivers to earn extra money and provides riders with options. However, Ziphawk Inc. has identified several ways the ride-share industry is ready for disruption.

Pros and Cons of Status Quo in Rideshare

The current big players in the rideshare market, including Uber, Lyft, and Via, operate across the United States and, in some cases, have expanded to other countries. As a result, their platforms are well known to riders and drivers.

To start a ride, a potential rider will put in a request via the app and indicate the pick-up point and destination. They will be given a price for the ride before they decide to accept it. Once the price is accepted, the driver picks them up and takes them to their intended destination.

Drivers sign up to provide their services through the apps and must submit to an initial background check and inspection of their vehicle before being onboarded with the company. They are then paid weekly or bi-weekly by the ride-sharing companies for rides.

However, significant issues have arisen over the past few years with all three of the main ridesharing apps. There are numerous allegations of sexual assault and other safety issues against drivers and riders who use the services.

Since none of the apps require in-car camera monitoring for safety, there is greater potential for issues to arise. In addition, pricing problems have frustrated drivers and consumers alike. Ziphawk aims to improve the process to eliminate the problems with safety and pricing and make the rideshare process more pleasant for all.

Enhancing Value to the Rideshare Industry

Drivers who sign up for Ziphawk must undergo three background checks and a fingerprint history to determine whether they have any criminal activity in their past. Potential drivers with a criminal background are denied the ability to use the platform to provide customers with rides.

In addition to the enhanced background checks, drivers must install dashcam monitoring systems in their vehicles to help improve the safety of providing rides for themselves and their customers.

This video recording helps to reduce the chances of illegal actions occurring during a ride and establishes an enhanced level of trust with Ziphawk.

Finally, rather than the surge fares and undercutting of pricing between apps, Ziphawk offers a flat-rate service that consumers and drivers can count on. As a result, drivers receive the maximum rates available, while consumers don’t have to worry about high prices during busy periods.

Various methods are available to ensure full support, including calling Ziphawk, texting, or emailing. This omnichannel approach allows Ziphawk to immediately resolve problems if they arise, delivering enhanced value to both drivers and consumers.

About Ziphawk Inc.

Ziphawk proposes to operate a digital network for passengers to arrange transportation through an application (“app”) with Ziphawk’s independent drivers using personal vehicles. Founded by Bhawna Patkar, President, and CEO, Ziphawk is a rising technology service provider in the TNC industry, which Ms. Patkar created to solve the problems relating to transportation that many Americans face daily.

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