How to Use Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches to Improve Your Health and Productivity

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By Jacob Maslow

Fitness trackers and smartwatches have been around for some time, and if you haven’t already tried one, now may be the time to consider it. Whether you prefer one of the Fitbit models, an Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy watch, or any other popular make, here is how to use them to improve your health and productivity effectively.

Making the Most of Your Wearable Device

Wearable devices are incredibly versatile once you get them up and running. However, once you become the owner of one, you need to pair them to your phone to ensure you get to use the whole gamma of benefits they offer, which are far beyond just counting your steps and reading messages.

Choosing the Right Device

Consider your needs before choosing a device and research the one that best suits your lifestyle. Besides making sure that the apps it provides cover your needs, you should also ensure that the strap is comfortable and its materials are non-irritating to your skin. With most models, you can swap straps.

One final thing to consider is the proper fit, allowing the sensors to work correctly. The better your fitness tracker or smartwatch fits and the more comfortable it is, the faster you can get used to it.

Make it Work for You

These devices can do many things, so make sure to make them work for you. If you don’t want to use the whole range of items your device can track, find the ones that matter to you, and customize everything from the app dashboard. For example, some people want to count calories burnt during a workout, while others find this unneeded for their fitness level, so remove it. Likewise, with a fitness tracker, you can customize your screen to make it easier to find the exercise you prefer on the menu by changing the information on the settings.

Whether you want to track your fitness, sleep, heart rate, stress, or stay in the loop during a busy day, your smartwatch can make your life far more manageable.

Remember to Wear it

Getting the most out of your wearable means wearing it every day. So make sure to keep it somewhere easy to remember to slip it on. Furthermore, the more beneficial it is to your lifestyle and well-being, the easier it becomes to make wearing it and keeping its battery full a habit rather than a burden.

Make Your Device Your Fitness Partner

Some makes have waterproof casings, making them your ideal swimming trackers. However, whatever your choice of sport, your chosen electronic fitness partner will count your steps, measure your heart rate, and track the kilometers covered. Some devices also have exercise apps that encourage you to work out for as many minutes as your busy program allows.

Sync your phone with any external apps you use, including your music, and you won’t even have to take the phone with you when exercising.

Find Your way to Your Appointments

Whether you need to find a specific location or call a taxi to take you to a meeting, these smart devices are the perfect companions. They incorporate apps like Google Maps, public transport, taxi, and parking, allowing you to use them without looking at your watch. It is always safer to move around without having your phone out where it is visible.

SOS Messages for Emergencies

Safety options differ from one device to the other. For example, find out how you can send a message to relatives in an emergency, allowing them to find your exact location with just the press of a button. These options are ideal for elderly parents or younger children since they are faster and more discreet than a phone.

Take Your Work With Everywhere

Your smartwatch can track and alert you about incoming messages, emails, reminders, and calendars to keep you updated without lugging your laptop or tablet wherever you go. Furthermore, use an app like Todolist or Outlook to track your shopping or other lists.

Never Lose Another Important Item

If you have misplaced your phone, your smartwatch can dial it immediately when it’s linked to your phone. However, any other items connected to your phone with a Bluetooth device are also easy to track, for example, your keys or car (in corporation with Google Maps if you forgot where you parked it).

Never Lose Time When Shopping

Besides providing you with the information on your shopping list, many wearable devices make it easier to pay seamlessly at checkouts. Just link your preferred payment method to your smartwatch, and you never need to take out a wallet or card again.

Get Rid of Stress

Apps like Calm will remind you when it’s time to practice meditation to help you relax during a stressful day.

Take Perfect Photos

When you need to take that perfect photo, whether, with a group or selfie, you no longer need to stress about making it into place before the timer goes off. Your watch is the perfect accessory for triggering the shutter after getting everyone in place.

Bottom Line

Whatever your fitness and productivity needs, make use of the full potential of your smartwatch or fitness tracker. If you haven’t bought one yet, perhaps now is the time to consider which functions are essential to you and ensure the device incorporates them.

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