Start Your Own T-shirt Business to Unleash Your Creative Potential

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By Jacob Maslow

There are several ways to start a t-shirt business. Whether you start a storefront business, work from home, or create an online store, one thing is sure, you can build a successful way to vent your creative talent and sell t-shirts. You can also consider a drop-shipping business if you want to sell t-shirts for other companies. In this case, you will need strong marketing to meet the existing competition.

A t-shirt business offers several advantages, including low starting costs, quick to launch, and can help sharpen your business skills. Depending on the type of t-shirt design and printing business you have in mind, your starting costs can range from extremely low to about $20,000. Your business will also need a very short launching time. Your starting costs will depend on whether you do your own screen printing, sell ready-printed t-shirts, or prefer printing on-demand services.

Expect to work on a profit margin of about 50%, which is the norm. You can raise your profit margin to include the extra cost if you want to offer free shipping.

Before starting, you must also decide how much time you will dedicate to growing the business into a profitable one.

What does a T-shirt business do?

A T-shirt business designs produce and sells T-shirts with various designs. The business could also offer customization services, such as imprinting a customer’s choice of image or text onto the shirt. In addition to selling pre-made T-shirts, some businesses may also provide clients with an array of unique personalized design options. A well-established T-shirt business should have a wide range of stock that appeals to different audiences and ages. This can include graphic tees for teens and youth, funny slogans for adults, and corporate logos for organizations. As a successful T-shirt business owner, you should be able to develop appealing visuals that will attract customers across different groups. You should also have an understanding of branding and marketing strategies to ensure that your designs and products stand out from competitors. With the right strategies and business acumen, you can establish a successful T-shirt business that provides customers with quality items.

T-Shirt Industry Statistics

The t-shirt industry is big, and business owners in this field have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of. Statistics show consumers spent $8.1 billion on wardrobe basics such as t-shirts in 2017. This number is expected to grow further, with an estimated spending of about $9 billion.

When it comes to the most popular types of apparel sold online, t-shirts average 20%. That’s almost double leggings, which only make up 12% of online clothing sales. As for printed items, custom tees and personalized products are the two most widely used printing methods for apparel today.

Business owners who want to enter the t-shirt business should note that 45% of online apparel shoppers prefer custom and personalized clothing. This means that anyone who wants to get into the t-shirt business can stand out amongst their competitors by offering custom and personalized apparel items.

Tips for Starting a T-Shirt Business

Starting a t-shirt business requires more than just setting up a website. It involves research, planning, marketing, and building a brand. Here are some tips on how to start your own t-shirt business:

• Research – Research the industry, competitors, target market, trends in designs and printing techniques, etc., to have an idea on what’s going on in this field both locally and internationally.

• Budget – Have a solid budget plan and create a business plan to help you start the business on the right foot.

• Design – Create great designs that your customers will want to wear. Consider trends in t-shirt design and printing techniques when creating your designs.

• Quality – Ensure that your t-shirts are made with high-quality materials for a great look and durability.

• Marketing – Use digital marketing and traditional media channels to promote your t-shirt business, such as social media, print advertising, direct mail, email marketing, etc.

• Branding – Develop a clear brand identity and let people know who you are and what you stand for with your products.

These tips can help you start your t-shirt business, but remember that success in this industry requires hard work and dedication. Good luck!

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Once you have decided to start a t-shirt business, specific steps need to be taken to ensure its success. Here are some tips for setting up a successful t-shirt business:

• Create an online store – Setting up an online store is the first step to selling your t-shirts. You can use ecommerce platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce to set up your store quickly and easily.

• Choose a fulfillment option – Consider the printing technique you will use and whether you will go for drop shipping or do it yourself. Remember that drop shipping comes with associated costs and may require more time to manage.

• Design great products – Create designs that will make your customers want to wear your t-shirts. Make sure to stay up-to-date on trends in t-shirt design and printing techniques when creating your designs.

• Develop a brand identity – Build a strong, recognizable brand that customers can trust and identify with. Focus on quality products and consistent branding across all channels for maximum impact.

• Market your business – Use various marketing strategies, such as social media, email campaigns, print advertising, etc., to promote your business online and offline.

These tips can help you start setting up a successful t-shirt business but remember that success in this industry requires hard work and dedication.

T-Shirt Industry Trends

When you start your own t-shirt business, keeping up with the latest industry trends is crucial. This will help guide your decisions when creating new designs and developing marketing strategies. Currently, there are several popular trends in the t-shirt business such as bold typography, abstract illustrations, vintage designs, statement shirts, and more. Additionally, customers are increasingly looking for sustainable materials and ethical production methods. Therefore, if you want to stand out from the competition and attract more buyers, you must ensure that your products use eco-friendly printing processes.

Swot Analysis of a T-Shirt Busienss

To ensure the success of your t-shirt business, you should conduct a SWOT analysis. This will help you identify potential weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that could affect your business. Here are some examples:

Strengths – Unique designs, high-quality materials, good customer service.

Weaknesses – Limited marketing budget, small production scale.

Opportunities – Increasing demand for sustainable products, expanding target market.

Threats – Growing competition in the industry, changes in customer buying behavior.

By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your t-shirt business as well as external opportunities and threats, you can plan out strategies to capitalize on these factors and minimize any risks associated with running a t-shirt business.

Franchise Opportunities

Franchising can be an excellent opportunity for those looking to get into the t-shirt business. A franchise allows you to benefit from the franchisor’s brand recognition, business model, and expertise. Additionally, you could potentially expand faster with a franchise as compared to starting from scratch.

Some major t-shirt franchisors include Threadbird, Tee Spotters, Shirt-Makers, and Design a Shirt.

Threadbird offers various printing services, including custom t-shirt printing, embroidery, and more. They also provide comprehensive support to their franchisees regarding training, marketing, and administrative assistance.

Tee Spotters specializes in screen printing t-shirts using high-quality ink products. Their network consists of dozens of local printers who can help you bring your designs to life quickly and affordably.

Shirt Makers is a one-stop shop for all your t-shirt needs, with an extensive selection of styles and sizes available. They offer design and printing services to ensure your design looks great on the finished product.

Finally, Design a Shirt is an online t-shirt editing platform where users can customize their designs and order them directly from the company. They provide high-quality printing services and helpful customer service for any queries or issues you may have.

Regardless of which franchisor you choose, it is important to research beforehand to ensure that the franchise opportunity works for your needs and budget. This will help ensure the success of your t-shirt business in the long run.

Starting a T-Shirt Business

If you need information on starting a t-shirt business, you have come to the right place. You can have one up and running quickly by following the steps below.

1.      Create a Strong Business Plan

A business plan entails writing down your business vision and mission statement in a straightforward way so that you can stay true to it. In it, you need to state your goals, growth plan, suppliers, target market, and marketing plan.

Include your startup costs, running costs, pricing strategy, profit margins, and the expected timeline for breaking even on your investment. As you can deduce from this quick outline, planning the business requires some effort. If you have never created one, follow our sample template below to make the task easier.

There are various software and sites available to help you create a business plan for your t-shirt business. Business Plan Pro is one of the most popular solutions and is designed to help entrepreneurs create comprehensive business plans. Other options include LivePlan, which offers an interactive planning experience and step-by-step instructions; 1-Page, which helps keep your plan concise; and Enloop, which creates custom financial projections for you automatically.

2.      Pick a Name for your T-Shirt Business

Your business name will help guide you as you form and start your business. It will play a role in your business logo and how you market your business. When brainstorming a business name, make sure it’s catchy, easy to remember, and original.

You must run a check to ensure it’s not already trademarked or used by anyone else in your state. Also, make sure it has an available domain name, and purchase it for your website.

We provide a long list of names and taglines below to choose from. You can also use them to enhance an existing business name idea. Once you have decided on a business name, you should also protect it, your logos, and your designs by trademarking them.

3.      Register Your Business

Registering your business with the state makes it official, even if it’s just a side hustle. However, before registering your business, you must decide whether you want a less formal entity like a sole proprietorship or a legal structure like a limited liability company (LLC). The difference is that you have personal liability protection with an LLC in case of business debts or business-related lawsuits.

If you are unsure about the procedure for registering your t-shirt business, you can visit the website of the Secretary of State in your state for the paperwork requirements and cost. In most states, the cost for registration does not exceed $100.

4.      Business License and Tax Number

All businesses need a tax number from the IRS. However, if you decide to run your business as a sole proprietorship, your social security number will suffice to pay local and state taxes. If you have opted for an LLC, request an Employer Identification Number online from the IRS.

Find out if you need to obtain specific licenses and permits from your state’s local government or chamber of commerce. For example, you will need a sales tax permit to sell from your website or at fairs and markets.

5.      Start Creating Your Designs

You are ready to create your unique designs or meet your clients’ design needs. By this time, you should have purchased your printing equipment and materials or organized printing services from local businesses or an online printer. Make sure you are happy with the materials’ quality before committing to a company.

Remember that if you prefer to use print-on-demand services, you will have fast turnaround times without having the problem of unsold products. However, one problem with this type of individual printing is that you can expect a smaller profit margin.

One of the biggest trends in t-shirt design is retro and vintage styles. These designs often feature bold colors and prints and throwback graphics that evoke nostalgia. Other popular niches include sports teams and clubs, pop culture references, political statements, graphic tees with funny sayings, and nature-inspired designs.

6.      Create a Marketing Plan

Once your t-shirts start hitting the streets, they will also help with your marketing efforts, but you cannot wait. Therefore, start marketing them as quickly as possible to gain the visibility required.

Start by building your business website, even if you sell the t-shirts on a third-party marketplace. You can also integrate the services provided by print-on-demand services to ship merchandise directly to clients from any channel.

When posting things on your website, make sure to use your voice. Include FAQs and buying instructions to make the process smoother for your customers.

If you are targeting a specific niche with your t-shirts, you must ensure these communities know about your business. You can usually find these groups on social media and other online places like Reddit. Instagram also allows you to create shoppable posts through tagging, allowing you to reach your target clients.

Consider approaching a few micro-influencers to help you promote your t-shirt offerings. They may have smaller audiences than influencers, but they are more likely to support young businesses and have surprisingly attractive conversion rates.

Your personal network can also help you grow your business, even if you sell online. Word of mouth from family and friends can help connect you to the right people in your community.

7.    Invest in Quality Printing Equipment

Quality printing equipment is essential for producing t-shirts with crisp, vibrant designs. Invest in reliable printers that can handle the demands of your business. Look for easy to use and have various features, such as adjustable heat settings, multiple print heads, high-resolution output, and fast drying times. You should also consider investing in screen printing supplies such as ink, frames, squeegees, emulsion sheets, etc., to ensure you can produce quality prints time after time. Additionally, purchasing a dryer will help you cure the designs quickly and efficiently so customers can wear them right away.

Expanding Your Reach

If you want to expand your t-shirt business, working with major retailers and companies can be a great way to do this. Major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target have large customer bases that may be interested in buying your products. Similarly, partnering with big-name brands or influencers can also help to increase awareness about your business and generate more sales.

Finally, attending trade shows is another great way to showcase your products and gain exposure for your business. Trade shows provide the perfect opportunity to meet potential buyers and promote your brand. Many of these events also feature seminars on topics related to the t-shirt industry, such as design trends, printing technology, and more – making them a great way to stay informed and up to date with the latest industry developments.

By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can increase the visibility of your t-shirt business and expand your customer base. You can generate more sales for your business and build a thriving t-shirt empire with some effort.

Third-Party Sites to Sell On

There are many third-party sites that you can use to list your t-shirts and reach more potential customers. Popular online marketplaces include Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Redbubble, Teespring, and Threadless. Each marketplace offers different advantages, such as larger audiences and various features to make the selling process easier.

Amazon is one of the largest global eCommerce platforms with millions of users; they offer many features, including payment processing, customer service tools, and fulfillment services. With Amazon’s vast audience, it is easier for businesses to reach new customers beyond their usual networks.

Etsy specializes in handmade items like apparel, jewelry, and home decor, making it an ideal platform for selling unique t-shirts. It is user-friendly and has excellent features like discounts, gift cards, and promotional tools to help you market your products quickly.

eBay offers a wide variety of items and services that make it easy for buyers to find what they need quickly. With their auction feature, you can offer discounted prices or bundle multiple items together in one listing.

Redbubble is a marketplace for creative goods such as t-shirts, posters, and stickers; it allows designers to upload their artwork and have them printed on demand with no upfront costs or inventory management required. They also provide marketing support to help businesses promote their products effectively.

Teespring is a popular platform that enables anyone to create custom apparel designs and sell them without any upfront costs. They provide tools to help you set up campaigns, organize orders and offer discounts to customers.

Threadless is another popular marketplace for creative goods; they source designs from a global community of artists, making it easy to find unique items that stand out from the competition.

By utilizing third-party sites and marketplaces, businesses can access larger audiences and take advantage of features such as payment processing, customer service tools, and promotional materials. This makes it much easier for small businesses to reach new customers beyond their usual networks and start selling t-shirts online quickly with minimal fuss.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to promote your t-shirt business. By creating engaging posts and stories, you can reach a wider audience and build relationships with them. You should consider targeting niche groups such as artists, gamers, or others who may be interested in your designs. Additionally, you can use visual platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to showcase individual products and entire collections.

What We Like and Dislike About This Business

One of the most significant advantages of starting a t-shirt business is that it requires relatively low start-up costs. All you need is a good printer, some blank shirts, and the knowledge to make your designs – and you’re ready to go! Additionally, there are many opportunities for growth and expansion, from partnering with major retailers to attending trade shows.

Running any business comes with risks – including a t-shirt business. It can be challenging to stand out in an already crowded market, and you won’t stay afloat if you don’t have enough customers. Additionally, the printing process itself can be challenging as well; if something goes wrong during production, then all of your time and effort could be wasted.

Overall, starting a t-shirt business can be both rewarding and challenging. With the right strategies and knowledge, you can grow your business into a successful venture.

What do I need to get started with a t-shirt business?

To start a t-shirt business, you need a design or artwork, printing equipment and supplies, an LLC registration (optional), tax number, licenses and permits, and a marketing plan.

How much does it cost to start a t-shirt business?

Starting a t-shirt business depends on your design needs, printing equipment and supplies, registration costs, and licensing fees. Generally, you can expect to invest between $500 – $3,000+, depending on the size of your business.

How do I market my t-shirt business?

A: To market your t-shirt business, you can create a website and integrate print-on-demand services to ship directly to customers. You should also target niche groups on social media platforms like Instagram and Reddit (avoid being promotional on Reddit). Consider approaching micro-influencers to help promote your t-shirts and take advantage of word of mouth from family and friends.

Can I use print-on-demand services for my t-shirt business?

Yes, you can use print-on-demand services for your t-shirt business. This allows you to have fast turnaround times without the problem of unsold products, but it does mean that you can expect a smaller profit margin due to the individual printing costs involved.

Can I sell my t-shirts on a third-party marketplace?

Yes, you can sell your t-shirts on a third-party marketplace. However, you should still consider building your website even if you use third-party sites to generate sales. This way, customers have an additional channel to learn more about your business and purchase products.

Equipment & Supplies Needed

In addition to the resources listed above, there are other equipment and supplies you will need in order to successfully run your t-shirt business. These include:

• Printing press or printer (such as heat transfers)

• Heat Transfer Paper

• Ink for printing presses and printers

• Access to a graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator

• A consistent source of T-shirts (blank tees, dye-sublimation blanks, etc.)

• Shipping materials such as boxes, tape, packing paper, and labels

When starting a t-shirt business, it’s essential to have these supplies on hand to fulfill orders promptly and provide quality products to customers.

Choosing Vendors and Suppliers

Finding the right vendors and suppliers is important in starting a T-shirt business. Finding reliable and reputable providers who can provide quality materials at competitive prices is important. You should consider price, delivery time, product quality, customer service, and return policy when looking for vendors.

When choosing suppliers, look for established relationships with companies in your industry. This will ensure that they are up to date on trends in the fashion industry, which will help you create more attractive designs. Additionally, many suppliers provide consultants who can advise on how to create successful designs as well as how to market them effectively.

Similar Businesses to Consider

If you’re looking for a different way to make money from apparel, there are several other businesses that you could consider. For example, if you have an eye for fashion and design, you could start an online clothing store or boutique. You could also explore opportunities in custom printing and embroidery, or even look into starting your own line of streetwear or athleisure items.

Customizing products is another great way to make money off apparel. By providing customers with the option to customize their own garments (such as adding names, graphics and other personalized elements), businesses can attract more customers and increase sales.

You could also consider creating accessories such as hats, socks, scarves, and bags. There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs in the accessory market, from creating handmade items to sourcing and selling wholesale products.

No matter what kind of apparel business you pursue, it’s important to research and understand the industry before getting started. It’s also a good idea to consult with experts or other experienced entrepreneurs who can help guide you on the right path. With the right planning and preparation, you’ll have a better chance of success in starting your own t-shirt business or another apparel venture.


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200 Business Names Ideas for Your TShirt Businesses

1. Threads & Brews: “Clothing as unique as your craft beer.”

2. T-Outfitters: “Your go-to for all things tees!”

3. Tee Up with Us: “Where fashion meets function.”

4. Wear the Wave: “Surf style t-shirts, anytime and anywhere.”

5. Tee Empire: “The look of luxury without the price tag”

6. Fitted Comfort: “Comfy clothes that look good on you”

7. City Gear Co.: “Urban apparel for urban living”

8. Threads of Vision: “See yourself in a new light”

9. Prints for Flaunt: “Show off your style”

10. Tee Appeal: “Style that makes a statement”

11. Tee Quay: “T-shirts from the harbor.”

12. T-Trends: “Where everyone is wearing it now”

13. T-Shirt Club: “The ultimate t-shirt collection!”

14. Tee Towne: “Come find the perfect tee!”

15. Tees on Tap: “Always fresh designs, always new trends.”

16. Freestyle Threads: “Create your own fashion statement”

17. Cloth Creations: “Designing and selling fashionable garments”

18. Tee Temptations: “Tempting tees for everyone”

19. Clothes with Class: “Show off your style”

20. Fab T-s: “Fashion that fits you and your budget”

21. Trendy Threads: “Always in fashion, always on trend”

22. Custom Kreations: “From the imagination to reality”

23. Tee Toppers: “Your top choice for tees!”

24. Tee Town Boutique: “Where fashion is fun!”

25. Printed Perfection: “Designs that show off your style!”

26. Tee Time: “Where casual meets style!”

27. Tee-licious: “Tee’s you can’t resist!”

28. T-n-Tees: “Twice the style, twice the fun!”

29. Tees and Jeans Co.: “Style with a classic twist!”

30. Shirt Shindig: “For all your tee needs”

31. Tee It Up: “Versatile t-shirts for any occasion”

32. Outfitted Designs: “Couture designs without the couture price”

33. Grain & Threads: “Clothing for a busy lifestyle”

34. Threads & Ink: “Where style meets comfort”

35. Gear and Glamour: “Adding a little sparkle to every outfit.”

36. Tee-tastic: “Making t-shirts your wardrobe staple”

37. Clothes R Us: “Quality clothing at an affordable price”

38. T-Shirt Landscape: “A whole new world of fashion.”

39. Tees ‘n Things: “Clothing for any occasion!”

40. Prints for Playful Style: “Make a statement with playful prints”

41. Expressive Clothing Co.: “Showcase your personality through clothes”

42. Tee-rific Designs: “Tees with a twist”

43. Tee Central: “Your one stop shop for tees!”

44. Colorful Creations: “Fabulous colors, great designs”

45. All in the Prints: “Fashionable prints for every occasion”

46. Custom Couture Co.: “For those who want to stand out from the crowd”

47. TEE Party: “From fun and flirty to sophisticated chic styles”

48. Tees Everywhere!: “So much choice, you’ll be spoiled for it!”

49. Tee-rrific Styles: “Style that stands out from the crowd!”

50. T-Shirt Haven: “Where fashion meets comfort.”

51. Clothes Closet: “The home of fashionable clothing”

52. Tee-licious Boutique: “T-shirts with a twist!”

53. Prints Unlimited: “A new look for every day.”

54. Sweet T-Shirt Co.: “For those with a sweet tooth”

55. Creative Wearables: “Designs you won’t find anywhere else”

56. The Tee Joint: “Where style meets comfort”

57. Tee Up with Style: “Fashionable clothes at an affordable price”

58. Trendy Tees & More: “Bringing fashion to your wardrobe!”

59. Threads ‘n Things: “A fashionable look for any occasion!”

60. Tee to Express: “Express your style with every wear”

61. Funky Fashions: “Fashion that stands out from the crowd”

62. T-Shirt Trends: “Style for all seasons.”

63. Signature Style Co.: “Make a statement and stand out from the crowd!”

64. Teeology: “Clothes that fit you and your style”

65. Clothing Dynasty: “Where fashion meets quality” 66. Tees Galore!: “T-shirts, tees, and more!” 67. Prints & Patterns: “Experiment with your style!”

68. Wear It All: “Have it all and wear it too!”

69. Tee Time Co.: “Creating fashion with every design”

70. T-Shirt Sensations: “The perfect tee for any occasion”

71. Tee Masters: “Where quality meets style.”

72. Fancy Fashions: “Classy clothes for the modern woman”

73. Style Creations: “Style that never goes out of fashion”

74. Designer Dreamers: “Tees you won’t find anywhere else”

75. Tee Town Collection: “Your one-stop shop for tees!”

76. Tee Heaven: “Your favorite fashion destination!”

77. T-Shirt Haven: “Clothes to fit any budget”

78. T-Shirt Trends Co.: “Fashion forward tees and more”

79. Trendy Threads & Tees: “Style that goes beyond the trends”

80. Creative Creations: “Your own unique style”

81. Funky Fads: “Everything but the ordinary.”

82. Tee Delight: “Making t-shirts your wardrobe staple”

83. Hot Tees ‘N More!: “For those who love to be noticed”

84. Tee Visions: “Create a style of your own”

85. Trendy Tees & Jeans: “Versatility at its finest”

86. All the Prints: “Making fashion fun and affordable”

87. Bold Clothes Co.: “For those who want to make a statement”

88. Tee Town Fashions: “Where fashion meets comfort”

89. Express Yourself Co.: “Style that speaks for itself.”

90. The Printed Palette: “Adding color to your wardrobe”

91. Threads of Fun: “T-shirts with plenty of character”

92. Tee Cosmetics: “Make a statement with your wardrobe”

93. Fashion Obsession Co.: “The latest designs for the stylish you”

94. Tee-rific Tops: “For those who love to stand out”

95. Tee Trendy: “Fashion at its finest!”

96. Unique Style Co.: “Your own unique style that stands out.”

97. Colorful Combinations: “Mix and match prints and colors”

98. Tees ‘n Trends: “Stylish clothes for the modern man or woman”

99. Perfectly Printed T-Shirts: “Tees with a perfect fit”

100. Tee-rrific: “Trends that never go out of style”

101. T-Shirt Heaven Boutique: “Heavenly tees for everyone!”

102. Tee-Luxury: “Posh and stylish clothes for the modern woman”

103. Wear It Out Co.: “Create a unique look for every occasion”

104. Tee Town Style: “Where fashion meets function.”

105. Fashion Fads: “Be part of the trend with your own unique style”

106. Signature Prints Co.: “Prints with personality”

107. Fancy Factory Fashions: “Clothes that make a statement.”

108. Tee It Up: “Make an impression with your wardrobe”

109. Cutting-Edge Tees & More: “The latest trends for the modern man or woman”

110. Sophisticated Styles Co.: “Bring sophistication to the streets!”

111. Creative Cuts Co.: “Fashionable clothes with a unique touch”

112. Wear With Flair: “Clothing as unique as you are!”

113. The Printed Wardrobe: “Where fashion meets creativity”

114. Trendy T-Shirts & More: “Designed for those who love to stand out in a crowd”

Cute Girly Names and Taglines:

115. Pretty in Prints: “Bringing a little extra flair to your wardrobe”

116. T-Shirt Glamour: “Make a statement with every outfit”

117. Chic & Classy Tees: “Clothes that never go out of style”

118. Girly Tees Co.: “Perfect for the fashionable female!”

119. Sparkle & Style: “For those who love to stand out”

120. Cute & Comfy Clothing: “Clothes that make you feel good!”

121. Lady Luxe Fashions: “Where fashion and luxury meet”

122. Fashionably Flirty: “For the girl who loves to have fun with her wardrobe”

123. Pretty & Petite: “Clothes that fit your curves!”

124. Girly Gear: “Trendy clothes for the modern woman”

125. The T-Shirt Diva: “Tees with attitude”

126. Charmed Clothing Co.: “Style that stands out from the crowd.”

127. Princess Prints Collection: “Clothes made for a queen”

128. T-Shirt Magic Collection: “Elevate your wardrobe with magic”

129. T-Shirt Empress: “The perfect tee for any occasion”

130. Little Miss Tee Co.: “For the girly girl in all of us”

131. Hot & Happening Tees: “Clothes that make a statement!”

132. T-Shirt Princess: “The ultimate wardrobe staple for any fashionista”

133. Tee Diva Boutique: “Style with attitude and sass”

134. Dainty Delights Collection: “Tees with plenty of pizzazz”

135. Girly Girl Fashions: “Tees with plenty of flair!”

136. Pretty Princess Prints: “Fashion that fits your personality!”

137. Glitzy & Glamorous Tees: “For the girl who loves glamour”

138. T-Shirt Queen Collection: “Show off your style with attitude”

139. Sparkle & Shine Boutique: “Tees that make a statement”

140. Cutie Couture Co.: “Tops for all occasions”

141. The Pretty Tee Shop: “Where fashion meets fun!”

142. Girly Girl Style Co.: “Fashionable clothes with personality!”

143. Sweet & Sassy Fashions: “Clothes that turn heads!”

144. Fierce & Fabulous Co.: “Be bold and be beautiful!”

145. T-Shirt Glam Collection: “For the girl who loves the spotlight”

146. Stylishly Sweet Tees: “Fashion with a touch of attitude”

147. Adorable Apparel Co.: “Show off your unique style”

148. Tees ‘n Things Boutique: “Tees that make you stand out in a crowd”

149. Cute As A Button Fashions: “Tops that are too cute to pass up”

150. Tee Time Collection: “Clothes for every occasion”

151. Tee-Riffic Co.: “T-shirts with personality”

152. Trendy Tops Collection: “Style that speaks for itself”

153. Diva Designs Boutique: “Fashion made just for you!”

154. Precious Prints Co.: “Clothes to make an impression”

155. Pop of Color Fashions: “Be bold and make a statement!”

156. The Glam Girl Collection: “Express your style with sass and flair!”

157. Pretty Little Tees Co.: “Fashionable tees for the modern woman”

158. Princess Perfection Fashions: “Clothes made for you and no one else”

159. Sweet & Stylish Co.: “Clothes that make a statement!”

160. T-Shirt Treats: “Bring out your inner fashionista!”

161. The Cutest Collection: “Tops with plenty of personality”

162. Trendy Tees Boutique: “Take on the world with confidence!”

163. Tee Girl Stuff: “For the girl who loves to express her style”

164. Fabulous Fashions Co.: “Show off your unique fashion sense”

165. T-Shirt Diva Designs: “Elevate your wardrobe with prints

Bohemian Names and Slogans

166. Bells & Boho: “For the free-spirited fashionista”

167. Groovy Threads Boutique: “Express your uniqueness with style”

168. Bohemian Bliss Collection: “Tees with a touch of adventure”

169. Free Spirit Fashions Co.: “Be wild, be free!”

170. Hippie Chic Collection: “Bring out your inner hippie”

171. Sweetly Stitched Tees: “Clothes for the soulful wanderer”

172. Gypsy Soul Clothing Co.: “Fashion that stands out from the crowd”

173. The Vintage Tee Shop: “Put a little retro in your wardrobe!”

174. Wild & Free Boutique: “Clothes with an edge”

175. Flower Child Fashions Co.: “Fashion with a touch of hippie”

176. Gypsy Soul Collection: “For the wild at heart”

177. Wanderlust Threads: “Express your inner gypsy”

178. Wandering Star Clothing Co.: “Tees that take you places”

179. Bohemian Babe Collection: “Designs for the stylish free spirit”

180. Groovy Gear Boutique: “Tops with plenty of attitude!”

181. Bohemian Beauty Tees: “Be who you want to be!”

182. Uniquely Bohemian Co.: “Express your inner style”

183. Spellbound & Stitched Boutique: “Clothes with an edge”

184. Soulful & Stylish Co.: “For the fashion-forward boho girl”

185. Boho Babe Boutique: “Tees that make a statement!”

186. Wanderlust Fashions Collection: “Be daring and express yourself!”

187. Gypsy Groove Tees: “Fashion with plenty of personality!”

188. Hippie Chic Clothing Co.: “Tops for the bold and beautiful”

189. Wild Child Collection: “T-shirts with soul”

190. Threads of Freedom Boutique: “Be Yourself, Be Bold!”

191. Gypsy Soul Fashions: “Clothes made to stand out!”

192. Bohemian Bliss Clothing Co.: “Fashion that expresses your true self”

193. Vintage Vibe Collection: “Style with a bohemian flair!”

194. Boho Dream Closet: “Fashionable tees with a free spirit feel”

195. Indie Style Tees Co.: “For the fashionista who loves to stand out”

196. Flower Child Designs: “Express your inner style in comfort!”

197. Wanderlust Threads Co.: “Tops with an independent edge”

198. Groovy Gear Fashions: “Be daring and express yourself!”

199. Spellbound & Stylish Boutique: “Clothes that speak for you!”

200. Retro T-Shirts Collection: “Style with a vintage vibe!”

The list goes on and on! As you can see, there’s a variety of t-shirt names and taglines that could fit your brand. When selecting a name and tagline, consider what makes your business different from others in the industry. If you want to emphasize quality or focus on environmental sustainability, this should be reflected in your selection of a name and tagline. Additionally, consider what kind of customers you want to attract to your brand. For example, if you target a younger demographic or those who appreciate humor, look for names and taglines that reflect this audience.

By brainstorming ideas with these 200 names and taglines as inspiration, you can create an eye-catching name and tagline that will set your t-shirt business apart from the rest. As you build a brand identity for your business, remember to stay true to your mission and values. Good luck!

Images Courtesy of DepositPhotos